Singular Controls, Inc.

Aug. 16, 2006
Control units tolerate UV, ozone exposure

Singular Controls has introduced a new family of panel-mounted pushbuttons, E-stops, selector switches, potentiometers, and flat and protruding LED-based indicator lights.

The 22.5mm Series “O” control units have been designed expressly to meet the stringent environmental requirements posed by the damaging effects of UV rays and ozone on rubber seals. The “O” series also features special easy-to-clean surface geometries, and a unique sealing design that protect the gaps between fixed and moving parts against the ingress of contamination. All meet IP 67 submersibility and IP 69K sealing requirements to withstand up to 80° C high-pressure hot water/steam jet cleaning (according to DIN 40050 Part 9).

Available with screw terminals or WAGO cage clamps, the units are also offered with a range of installation accessories including lockable selector switch covers, 30mm adaptor plates, and incandescent lamp options.