Solbar USA Inc.

Aug. 1, 2006
Soy Technology Steams Ahead

Solbar Industries Ltd. introduces its Bontex steam-textured soy proteins. Suitable for food processor use in a broad range of instant snacks, ready / convenience meals and functional health foods, Bontex is produced via steam-texturing rather than extrusion to achieve puffy, expanded pieces, minced pieces and fine particles.

Solbar literature notes that due to High Temperature/Short Time (HTST) processing, the product's flavor and aroma profile is exceptionally neutral. Whole Matrix Flavoring (WMF) incorporates flavors and colors in the texturizing process. According to the company, Bontex is an excellent source of protein and dietary fiber, is very low in fat and calories and is gluten-free. It can be hydrated quickly in hot water to two to three times its original weight.