Bird-X Inc.

June 22, 2006
Programmable outdoor ultrasonic system repels birds

The Ultrason X system from Bird-X Inc. is designed to keep birds out of food processing plants and many other types of facilities. It produces a tone that is silent to humans yet repels pigeons, sparrows, starlings, gulls, swallows, blackbirds, crows, grackles and more, according to the company.

The Ultrason X system includes a control box plus four separate speakers, each with 100 feet of wire, for convenient, flexible coverage. That coverage extends up to 3600 square feet, i.e. 900 square feet from each speaker. Sounds move from speaker to speaker, creating a constant line of defense. The programmable system is customizable, with high, medium and low frequencies — plus variations — to choose from. Ultrason X is available in 110-volt AC or 220-volt AC models.