National Adhesives

April 12, 2006
Buy the adhesive; the machine is free

National Adhesives, a unit of National Starch & Chemical Co., has lowered the temperature of hot-melt box adhesive to 200°F — and is celebrating that achievement by loaning out for free a $12,000 dispensing unit.

Easy-Pac is being marketed as a “complete package sealing solution that combines the first and only 200° hot-melt adhesive available with an integrated storage, filling and application system.” The objective is to significantly reduce downtime and maintenance costs and to improve packaging productivity and safety for case and carton sealing operations.

The system comes with a hot-melt dispensing unit that includes an integrated Autofill vacuum feeder, hot-melt adhesive, new hoses, nozzles and modules and a hot melt storage bin. The system also comes with a three-year warranty, the longest in the industry, and a guarantee that users will not incur expenses on replacement parts, such as nozzles, modules and filters.

The Easy-Pac solution was developed for case and carton sealing applications in food processing, beverage, personal care, household and consumer electronics or anything that goes in a case or carton. "This system combines the lowest temperature general packaging hot melt on the market with a hands-free operation that ensures improved up-time, efficiency and employee safety," explains John Rye, packaging business director.

Char, produced by overheated hot melt or outside contaminants in the melt unit or hoses, is the most frequent cause of adhesive application malfunctions, National Adhesives claims. Lowering the melt temperature from the traditional 350° to 200° eliminates the problem.