Angelus Sanitary Can Machine Co.

March 14, 2006
Five-station seamer 'can do' number 10s

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Angelus Sanitary Can Machine Co. has rolled out its new model 5K Can Seamer for seaming larger diameter cans such as the popular 603-diameter number-10 sanitary can.

The innovative 5K Seamer incorporates a can-spin machine design with driven lower lifters and five seaming stations that provide higher quality can seams, longer life for component parts, and superior machine performance for today’s processor looking to improve their canning performance. Quality can seams are produced at output speeds from 50 to 500 cans per minute, meeting current and future production requirements for canning and can manufacturing applications. The machine accommodates a wide can-size range from 307 to 701 diameter and 306 to 1000 heights. Can heights are easily adjusted by raising the seaming turret to the proper height setting.

The 5K Seamer features a variable-frequency AC drive system, PLC controls, 6-inch color touch-screen operator control station, grease lubrication, sealed-for-life ball bearings in selected areas, and a low-maintenance design that utilizes stainless steel castings and timing belt drives for the feed, seaming and discharge turrets. An easy-to-adjust three-roll cover separator and power lid gapper allow the canner or can manufacturer the versatility to separate a variety of ends on the 5K Seamer including standard sanitary ends, ring ends, ring and plug ends, and pull-tab ends, while providing control and stability for these large diameter covers.

A significant innovation in seaming larger diameter cans, the Angelus model 5K Can Seamer provides food processors a hygienic design concept that ensures easy cleaning, corrosion-resistant components, reduced machine maintenance costs and increased throughput.