April 5, 2005
Digital x-ray inspection systems enhance QC, package security

ScanTrac is a high performance, reliable, easy to use X-ray inspection system that can detect and eject metal, glass, plastic, or paper containers with metal, glass, rock, and many other dense foreign materials. It can also detect and eject under-fills or over-fills, voids, damaged containers, upside-down containers, missing or extra components, perform check-weighing, etc.

The ScanTrac X-Ray Inspection Systems are created specifically for the food, beverage, and drug packaging industries.

They are very simple to use, operator training takes only minutes. The Systems automatically analyze high speed x-ray package images. Detects foreign objects and product voids. Detects product underfills. Verifies all package components. Many other functions are available.

  • Easy to install - The ScanTrac Side View System installs directly over your existing conveyor. No costly plant modifications are needed. The unit takes 4- 6 linear feet of conveyor space, depending on the model. Typically, it takes one day to install and set up the system. The ScanTrac does not require lead screws or additional conveyors to separate containers; it can inspect containers back-to-back, a feature unique to the ScanTrac. The ScanTrac Top Down System, with integrated conveyor, takes up as little as 24 inches (610mm) of your conveyor line.

  • Easy to use - Operator training takes minutes. Product setup takes minutes. Product changeover takes seconds or none at all.

  • Easy to operate - no production stops for calibration are required. Multiple alarms alert to abnormally high reject rates.

  • Easy to maintain - Built-in diagnostics automatically monitor all important parameters - from power supplies and x-ray source health all the way down to light bulbs. Trouble reports are sent out immediately by e-mail.

  • Easy to support - The ScanTrac Inspection System can be remotely monitored or controlled by customer's personnel in the comfort of their own office and/or by InspX Technical Support.