Loders Croklaan

Nov. 9, 2005
New factory greases wheels of palm oil production
Loders Croklaan, a leading producer of oils and fats, on Nov. 7 opened its new oil processing factory in Channahon, Ill. An expansion of the company’s existing Channahon facility, the new factory doubles throughput, increases storage capacity and further enhances the quality of the company's palm-based products.Loders Croklaan refines and distributes palm oil, a natural oil extracted from the fruit of palm trees that is semi-solid at room temperature, making it ideal for baking and for processed foods. Rich in nutrients and a healthier alternative to partially hydrogenated fats, palm oil’s shelf stability and functionality make it an ideal solution for the elimination of trans fat in foods that require a solid fat.“The pending FDA requirement for food manufacturers to label trans fat content on all products has driven unprecedented demand for functional palm oil-based alternatives,” said Donald Grubba, President, Loders Croklaan North America. “Our expanded facility in Channahon increases the quantity of our production and ensures the exceptional quality of our products.”The new factory enlarges the existing plant by 10,000 square feet, which increases storage capability by 200 percent. The new facility also incorporates a state-of-the-art bleaching line that boosts capacity by 400 percent. In addition, a new oil in-line blending capability increases bulk capacity by 100 percent.