Scanvaegt International A/S

Nov. 3, 2005
Tray organizer combines automatic packing with batching to fixed weight
Click here to see a photo of the entire ScanTray system.
The ScanTray organizer is the first system that can batch to fixed weight at the same time as automatically styling products uniformly in tray packs. This streamlined process ensures that products are automatically cut, batched and packed in trays, which are then sealed, labeled and packed. This high level of automation reduces the need for manual operators. The ScanTray organizer can pack chilled portions of pork, beef and other meats into tray packs consisting of 2, 3, 4 or more portions. A Scanvaegt case-ready solution featuring a ScanTray organizer can produce up to 40 trays per minute, at a rate of 140 portions or more per minute. This minimizes giveaway while at the same time increasing both capacity and efficiency. One of the major benefits of the ScanTray organizer is that processing time can be significantly reduced. In less than 20 seconds, a roast can be taken out of the refrigerator, fed into the portion cutter, packed and sealed in trays, ready to be returned to the refrigerator. This means that the cold chain is uninterrupted, and hygiene is optimized because there is no human contact during production.The Scanvaegt ScanTray organizer solution provides a number of significant benefits, including:
  • minimized giveaway because batching takes place prior to automatic packing in trays;

  • reduced labor requirements because only one operator is needed to survey the production line;

  • improved capacity and efficiency with automatic cutting, batching, packing and styling;

  • increased shelf life due to an uninterrupted chill chain and no human contact during production;

  • high level of hygiene with rapid, easy cleaning;

  • highly versatile because the system easily adjusts to different product types, tray sizes and packing patterns.