Orkin Commercial Services

Jan. 11, 2005
Pest control tips available from online training center
To better equip business owners and operators for the fight against pests, Orkin Commercial Services now offers free training materials via a new online resource called Orkin University Online.  Anyone with an Internet connection may access the site by pointing their browser to www.Orkin.com/commercial and selecting Orkin University Online from the drop-down menu under "About Orkin."Orkin's internal training program, called Orkin University, has set the standard for the pest control industry and received numerous third-party accolades in recent years. Now, visitors to Orkin University Online will benefit from Orkin's training competency through free educational materials that Orkin has designed to help businesses train their own employees in sanitation and pest prevention.With Orkin University Online, we hope to share some of the knowledge base and training expertise that we've acquired over the past century in the pest management business," said Zia Siddiqi, Ph.D., Orkin's Quality Assurance Director. "We've helped a lot of companies overcome their pest management and sanitation challenges over the years, and offering an online employee-development resource is just another way we can do that."Orkin University Online includes free downloads such as:
  • 5 Steps to a Better Audit Video - outlines important steps that food processors should take to help ensure high scores on the pest management portion of their third-party audits.

  • Sanitation and Storage Quiz - helps educate or evaluate employees on the importance of proper sanitation and storage and its impact on pest management.

  • Before Your Next Health Inspection - Checklist - available in English and Spanish, provides restaurant managers and employees with a task list to help them prepare for health inspections, or simply train employees in best food-safety practices.