March 16, 2005
Ultraviolet lamps sterilize water without heat or chemicals
Ultraviolet/Germicidal water purification systems from Hanovia provide a fast way to disinfect water without heat or chemicals. Using short-wave radiation from Hanovia germicidal ultraviolet lamps, Steritron purifiers destroy all water-borne microorganisms, including bacteria and viruses. Hanovia germicidal lamps are found in a variety of applications, including personnel protection and prevention and prevention of cross infection in hospitals, laboratories and veterinary facilities and product contamination prevention in the food processing, pharmaceutical, bottling, electronics and semiconductor industries.How the system operates:
  1. Water enters purifier and flows into annular space between quartz sleeve and outside chamber wall.
  2. Wiper segments induce turbulence in flowing liquid to ensure uniform exposure of suspended microorganisms to lethal ultraviolet rays.
  3. Translucent sight port provides positive indication of germicidal lamp operation
  4. Wiper assembly facilitates periodic cleaning of quartz sleeve without disassembly or interruption of purifier operation.
  5. Water leaves purifier ready for use instantly.
Steritron water purifiers deliver optimum performance when equipped with specially designed Hanovia lamps. These Hanovia low-pressure type lamps produce the germicidal rays needed for water purification with maximum efficiency and the added benifit of low power requirements. These lamps eliminate the possibility of overheating and the need for special equipment to deal with overheating.Steritron water purification systems give you these benefits:
  • Steritron disinfection is lethal to all microorganisms.
  • Effluent is guaranteed to exceed United States Public Health Standards for bacterial purity.
  • Economically purifies hundreds of gallons of water for each penny of operating costs.
  • Safe operation with no danger of overdosing and no addition of dangerous chemicals.
  • No chlorine taste.
  • Easy installation and simple maintenance.
  • Space-saving compact units.
  • Choice of continuous or intermittent disinfection automatically.
  • Water ready for use the instant it leaves the purifier.
  • Corrosion-free stainless steel chamber, head, clamp and hardware.
  • Easy-off retainer cap for quick lamp change with no tools, water pressure shutdown or draining of tank.
  • Simple disassembly.
  • No special tools needed if repairs become necessary.