Savoury Systems International, Inc.

Aug. 16, 2005
Organic Yeast Extracts Add Savor
Savorganic is a new line of certified organic flavor enhancers that is now available from Savoury Systems International, Inc. (SSI). These products include two powders, #3011 Light Yeast Extract and #3300 Chicken Flavor, as well as two liquids #3021 L Dark Yeast Extract and #3401 L. Beef Flavor, which have received certification by Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO). Dave Adams, SSI president, reports that the proteins and amino acids in the yeast extracts work with food products to develop unique flavor profiles. The yeast extracts are GMO-free raw materials that originate from baker’s yeast, and are specially dried, toasted or roasted to accent different savory topnotes. These natural vegetarian products are used by seasoning, flavor, and food manufacturers to add flavor and flavor enhancement. With the demand for organic products increasing at more than 20% annually, SSI has applied its R&D expertise to customize specific flavors and works closely with its South American yeast-growing partner company. These may include modifications in growing the yeast to develop more nucleic acids for flavor enhancement or drying and extracting less flavorful parts of the yeast extracts.Savoury Systems International also offers a complete line of organic compliant Yeast Extracts and has Savory Topnotes, salt replacers and HVPs that are natural, GMO-free and Kosher. Custom products can also be formulated to specific needs. All operations have up-to-date Quality Control and Assurance Testing with experienced personnel.