The Australia Extra Virgin Olive Oil Co. and Cheetham Salt

June 10, 2005
Olive Oil and Salt Provide a Double Dose of Down Under
Australia finally took advantage of the Mediterranean-like climate of its southeastern coast to start up an olive oil industry that’s paying off with exemplary extra virgin product. The Australia Extra Virgin Olive Oil Co. produces smooth, flavorful extra virgin olive oil from the Tinara Estate in Victoria.Also coming up from Down Under is Cheetham Salt's pure Australian sea salt. Harvested from 10 solar fields on the Victoria coast, the ultra-pure salt is available in a variety of grades from very coarse to micro-fine crystals.To contact Cheetham Salt Ltd., please call +61-3-5275-8000 or visit Cheetham's website:
Kooka is one of many labels under which Cheetham's pure sea salt is packaged.