Automated Packaging Systems

May 31, 2005
Custom-engineered packaging systems now customary

Automated Packaging Systems has expanded its custom engineering systems program to provide customers with new options for custom-designed packaging solutions that can offer better integration and higher productivity results than standard, off-the-shelf bagging systems.
New advances in technology have allowed the company to engineer a next-generation platform that can be easily modified to accommodate a wide range of system capabilities. "Custom-engineered systems offer significantly better productivity and yield results when the integrated system can be highly-optimized to maximize performance in a unique application," said Tim Groff, director of marketing. “Rather than have the packaging line adapt to fit the bagger, we are getting better results by adapting the bagger to the unique requirements of an individual packaging line.”

Initial up-front costs are not significantly higher for a custom-engineered system and are quickly offset by a strong return on investment that is often less than 12 months, according to the company.
Automated Packaging Systems has recently developed custom engineered solutions for high-productivity systems with multiple infeeds, delivery and takeaway conveyors, integrated counters and weigh scales, accumulating funnels, wide bag design, RFID applications, and many other configurations.