Tetra Pak International AB

May 4, 2005
Direct injection molded closures for gable-top cartons
The latest Tetra Pak offering to meet consumer demand for packages that are safe, easy to use and attractive is the Delta Opening System: a new generation of integrated direct injection-molded openings on Tetra Rex gable-top cartons, for chilled liquid foods.Delta TwistCap, the first member of this new closure generation, made its debut in field tests at the TINE dairy in Bergen, Norway during December 2004. Now Tetra Pak has launched DeltaTwistCap commercially.The Delta Unit, required to apply the DeltaTwistCap, is available as an option on new Tetra Rex TR/7 Series II gable-top filling machines, and as a retrofit to existing TR/7 machines already installed. Machines equipped with the new closure will fill at the standard TR/7 speed of 6000 packages/hour (100/minute).Delta TwistCap features a spout and an overcap:
  • The spout is integrated into the carton using a Delta Unit TR/7, which replaces the carton ‘blank’ magazine and in-feed on standard TR/7 equipment. The spout is created from plastic granules and moulded directly onto carton blanks, using the ‘Direct Injection Moulded Concept’ (DIMC) made popular by other Tetra Pak chilled carton systems, such as Tetra Brik and Tetra Top. Moulding occurs at a sterile 200ºC, just seconds before the product is filled.

  • The overcap is applied by a Capper 20 Overcap Applicator, downstream of the filling machine.