Tony Chachere's Creole Foods

June 10, 2005
Injectable marinades cut prep time, distribute flavor
Tony Chachere's Creole Foods offers a line of Injectable Marinades. While injectable marinade sounds like a new technique, it actually dates back more than 100 years, when food processors injected preservatives and flavors to cure hams. Injecting meats -- including poultry, pork, turkey, beef or fish -- with marinade boosts the flavor because it penetrates the meat more deeply, seasoning the dish completely instead of just the outside layer.The process also saves time. Instead of hours of marinating a dish, simply inject the marinade using an injector (included in each kit) and in just minutes, the meat is ready to grill, bake, microwave, deep-fry or smoke.Tony Chachere's is offering six Injectable Marinades, each blended to complement the natural flavors of meats and poultry of choice:
  • Creole Style Butter and Garlic for wild game, turkey, meats, fish;
  • Creole Butter and Bacon for poultry or pork;
  • Creole Butter and Smoky Jalapeno for turkey, fish or for a taste of the Southwest;
  • Creole Honey Bacon BBQ for pork, beef, ham;
  • Creole Praline Honey Ham for pre-cooked ham;
  • Creole Roasted Garlic and Herb for turkey or meats.
Each marinade comes with its own injector. "Injectable Marinades are a blessing for cooks," says Donald Chachere, Jr., president of Tony Chachere's Creole Foods, Inc. "It's a great way to season meats, fish and poultry. Injecting the marinade into the meat saves hours of time, and assures seasoned flavor in every slice."