Degussa Food Ingredients

Feb. 25, 2005
Non-GMO, Soy-Derived Phosphatidylserine Supports Brain Function
Leci-PS, a soy-bean lecithin based nutritional supplement to improve cognitive functions, is now available in a non-GMO version in concentrations from 20% PS up to 90% PS. Degussa Food Ingredients is launching Leci-PS 20 V IP, the non-GMO version of an innovative product which is considered as a breakthrough in manufacturing stable PS softgel capsules, and Leci-PS 90 IP, which offers one of the highest PS concentration on the market. Leci-PS IP comes with a full documentation to show compliance with existing non-GMO labeling guidelines, which is a prerequisite to use PS in food-related applications."Considering the consumer trend bringing health to everyday nutrition Degussa Food Ingredients is committed to develop a variety of applications, which provide good taste, texture and convenience as well as health benefits," says Dr. Karl-Heinz Zirzow, marketing director, health and nutrition.With new developments in PS applications such as millet-based granules or extruded oat-based pellets, Degussa expands its focus from the elderly to middle-agers and even young adults. These new formulations of PS can be sprinkled on breakfast cereals or salad and deliver 100 mg PS in a convenient form. In addition, a water-dispersible powder suitable for fortifying instant drinks or dairy products is available on request.Degussa is also marketing a coffee-flavored chocolate bar with 200 mg PS, developed and clinically studied by Giventis, a German specialist for nutritional products, which is available under the trade name IQ PLUS. "This brain bar is improving mental performance," claims Dr. Kurt-Reiner Geiss of the Institute ISME. "The brain can manage in a more efficient way the abundance of information we are facing every day more quickly, more precisely and with less stress." According to Professor Dr. Michael Hamm, University for Applied Sciences of Hamburg, "The IQ Plus bar contains all essential nutritional ingredients required for the complex procedure of cognitive performance."