Feb. 4, 2005
New-and-improved hose for food and beverage transfer

AdvantaPure offers a new version of its wire-reinforced EPDM hose, known as APEWF, with greatly improved physical properties. The new APEWF hose remains a premium-quality product that is now suitable for a broader segment of the food and beverage market. Applications involve the transfer and processing of juices, alcoholic beverages, water, non-fatty foods, and more.

All vital specifications for APEWF hose have been significantly enhanced from their previous ratings, offering better product performance. For example, working and burst pressures for several sizes have been increased threefold, and the working temperature for all sizes — from 3/4” to 4” I.D. — has improved by over 60%. Every size is now more flexible than the previous style, and vacuum ratings have also been boosted. The hose is easier to identify with its bright blue cover and white lay line.

As before, APEWF food and beverage hose offers a sanitary, FDA-compliant EPDM core. The interior is odorless, tasteless, and resists bacteria build-up, so wet or dry materials remain pure. The smooth surface offers unrestricted flow for either suction or discharge applications. High-tensile plies, stainless steel wire reinforcement, and its durable outer cover make APEWF hose a strong and reliable product.  A full line of sanitary fittings complements this premium-grade food hose.