Jan. 28, 2005
Corner tool for labeler improves flexibility of RFID tagging
NJM/CLI introduces the new Corner Tool for its family of Model 400 Labelers. The optional Corner Tool applies front labels, leading corner or top leading corner labels on the fly to cases in a continuous motion on the production line. Now the Model 400 P&A Labeler can be fitted directly to a case taper, reducing capital costs and floorspace requirements.Ideal for high-speed lines or where equipment must be minimized, the new Corner Tool eliminates the need for the labeler to be integrated with a stepper motor conveyor. The Corner Tool can be fitted to NJM/CLI’s Model 400 Print & Apply Labeler as well as its RFID Integrated Model 400 and its Model 400 Convertible, which handles pre-printed labels.NJM/CLI’s new Corner Tool allows the Model 400 Labeler to operate continuously, increasing lines speed to as much as 20 cases per minute. Additionally, the new Corner Tool offers the capability to handle larger label formats – up to 14 inches in length for corner labels and up to seven inches in length for front labels, both up to seven inches in height.