Red Arrow Products Company LLC

Dec. 15, 2004
Flavors right off the grill
A host of new products take grill flavors to new levels. Grillin’ Chef’s Grill 3103 imparts a savory grill flavor with a meaty impression, while Grillin’ Chef’s Grill 3104 provides an initial gas grill flavor, followed by a subtle meaty/pork finish. For an initial charcoal grill flavor impact followed by a subtle smoked bacon flavor, Grillin’ Chef’s Grill 3105 is the choice. These new flavors are the ideal complement to the vendor’s “Method Specific Grills.” Right off the charcoal grill taste can be obtained by the addition of Grillin’ 2055, while those seeking the distinctive taste of gas grilling, may use Grillin’ 2056. Rich flame-broiled taste is obtained from Grillin’ 2057.