Cargill Food & Pharma Specialties

Nov. 11, 2004
Xanthan gum boosts quality of bakery, beverages, sauces

Cargill Food and Pharma Specialties (FPS) has added new food grade VersaGum™ xanthan gum to its full line of specialty ingredients. FPS President R. Creager Simpson says the product's tight specifications for viscosity "push the envelope for industry quality standards," offering food developers reliable and consistent performance.

VersaGum xanthan gum is a shear-stable ingredient, remaining stable across a broad range of pH and temperatures. In bakery products, it provides water and air cell control to improve dough texture, filling stability and shelf life. Its suspension and emulsion control enhances pourability and cling in dressing and sauces. In beverages, it produces clean body for a pleasant mouthfeel and improves the texture of dairy products through ice crystal control.