American ERP, LLC

Nov. 11, 2004
Software affords traceability for smaller processors
Larger retail chains have begun auditing their vendors to ensure they have in place HACCP and the corresponding "prerequisite" programs, including an effective recall program, or one up/one down product traceability. Lacking the technology for effective traceability has been a major stumbling block for small- to mid-size food processors. American ERP offers a solution in the form of a new software package. AFP Enterprise 2005 Edition is a comprehensive ERP software system that provides a lot search and traceability tool for small- to mid-size food processors and manufacturers, allowing them to compete and be accepted by the larger food chains. American ERP claims the system also significantly reduces processors' costs and increases profitability. AFP can be used as a stand-alone ERP system or with any number of industry-standard accounting systems. With the new advanced inquiry system, vital information is available at the touch of a button. Flexible, advanced reporting features are highly customizable, making information readily available. The AFP Enterprise 2005 Edition is based on an intuitive methodology that is easy to implement and easy to learn with minimum requirements. AFP provides formula management, compliance reporting, production management and production yield status.