Readers Speak Up on Recent Food Processing Articles

June 23, 2015
From food science to fighting millenials, Food Processing's readers chime in on recent topics.

Science does matter

I read the Editor's Plate “Science Doesn’t Matter” in the May edition of Food Processing and compared the information to the May 8 FDA “Recent Developments in Combating Antibiotic Resistance” speech. Although I understand the point that you're making about consumer perceptions on ingredients, I don’t believe that it was entirely responsible that you included such a serious matter as antibiotic resistance in this way.

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People are basically incredulous about food science and their long-term health and wellbeing. They are for good reason, in that labeling ingredients in their food has not been honest especially around antibiotics and growth hormones added to the food on the farm and still present (and functional) in the food at the point of sale. How can consumers assess whether the food they are purchasing is wholesome unless there is disclosure of the contents of that food?

This should be the story: "Gaining consumer confidence and global food safety -- How growers/producers like Tyson and McDonald's eliminate antibiotics (and hormones) from their products and ensure wholesomeness to the consumers."

Bruce Johnson, Validation Manager
Nature’s Way Brands, Green Bay, WI

Stop dissing millennials

I just read the February Editor's Plate "Fight the Millennials.". It might interest you to know that some of us “creatures” work in the food industry, and have even read your magazine.

Also, as time passes, previous generations will age out of the workforce and new generations will take over. That is natural, and not a cause for painting “us vs. them” scenarios.

Hopefully there will be a course at [a Food Processing conference] on how not to approach a growing portion of your target audience with condescension and contention.

Name withheld by request

Processors, speak up!

Thank you Dr. [John] Stanton for the January Market View column "Stop Promoting What's Not." I hope you will share it with Michael Pollan and other zealots who mean well but are misguided. I enjoy your messages very much.

Roger Townley, President/OwnerTownley Associates;
Rocky Mount, NC

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