Equipment Round Up: December 2021

Dec. 14, 2021
Our editors selected the following equipment and products to feature in our December 2021 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

Streamlined bakery sprayer

Designed to function primarily as a compact standalone machine, the Uni-Sprayer is intended for bakeries looking for a streamlined spraying solution. It can handle a variety of applications, with the most basic being spraying oil onto pans for easy pan release. The machine is suitable for spraying simple syrup or milk onto cake layers; egg wash onto bread and pastries; and flocking condiments such as ketchup, mustard or mayo onto bread or wraps. It has a food-grade light and flexible braided hose and interchangeable tips for different products and patterns. It handles particulates up to 1 mm with an optional flocker nozzle. Unifiller Systems

Hygienic wall bracket system

The upgraded Vikan Hygienic Hi-Flex wall bracket system stores tools hygienically. The base system offers storage for as many as five products but can hold more by adding another base system or even single or double modules. Whether a facility works with shadow boards or simple color-coded hanging solutions, the system can be customized as needed. Hook modules hold products with a hanging hole, while the grip band module snugly stores any product with a handle. Hook and grip band brackets are slightly more than 3 in. wide. The FDA-compliant system comes in 12 colors. Remco

Metal detection systems for food inspection

M30 R-series GC next-generation metal detection systems provide smart, digital inspection designed specifically for small and medium-size manufacturers and co-packers. The fully integrated system’s modular design can be adapted over time in line with evolving compliance and productivity needs. The systems are powered by smart Sense software. This, combined with advanced algorithms, enables these entry-level models to deliver high sensitivity to all metal contaminant types with minimal false rejects. Dynamic stability control innovations stabilize the metal detector’s core sensor to help protect against environmental noise and vibration interference for increased reliability. Ingress protection ranges from IP65 to IP69K. Mettler Toledo

Powder induction in large mixing tanks

VersaMix multi-shaft mixers with solids/liquid injection manifold (SLIM) technology enable fast and efficient large-scale powder dispersion into low-viscosity liquids, including resins, oils, melted waxes, emulsions and aqueous solutions. Model VM-600 is a 600-gal-capacity dual-shaft mixer designed for deep vacuum levels. Featuring a high-shear mixer with SLIM technology, its rotor/stator assembly creates a powerful suction that draws solids sub-surface directly into the high-shear zone. This method of material addition accelerates powder wet-out and minimizes issues such as agglomeration, floating powders and dusting. The second agitator is a two-wing anchor equipped with hinged Teflon scrapers for consistent heat transfer across the vessel sidewalls and bottom. Ross Mixers

Digital sorters for pet foods

VeryX digital sorters for pet food products integrates with the company’s material handling systems. The sorters find and remove foreign material and products with defects to improve product quality, eliminate the chance of cross-contamination and protect brands, all while minimizing labor. A sorter can be configured to sort a range of pet foods. When installed at the end of the line, it helps ensure final product quality for kibble, chews and treats, including dried, dehydrated and freeze-dried products. When installed upstream near raw receiving, it inspects ingredients such as frozen proteins and other ingredients for wet pet foods. Key Technology

Antimicrobial foaming hand soap

AgroBac Pure Foam Wash is an antimicrobial foaming hand soap. It contains benzalkonium chloride to clean the hands and kill many common foodborne bacteria when used as directed. It is tested and found to kill at least 99.99% of E. coli, listeria, salmonella, campylobacter, C. difficile and other common types of foodborne bacteria. The product is sold in hygienic cartridges and patented foam pumps that are ultrasonically sealed to minimize the risk of external contamination. The foam soap reduces water consumption and is formulated with skin moisturizer to leave hands feeling smooth after use. SC Johnson Professional

Compact motion switch

The compact motion switch Model CMS is a rugged loss-of-motion device for use on most rotating equipment, including overland conveyors, rotary valves, fans, crushers, delumpers, blenders and packaging equipment. It is available in a weatherproof or explosion-proof cast aluminum enclosure, with either 120 VAC, 240 VAC or 24V AC/DC input power. This zero-speed control has a dry, unpowered 5-amp DP/DT relay to control two separate output functions, such as equipment shut-down and external indication to a warning light or horn. The UL-listed unit is bidirectional and direct-coupled. Epoxy coating is available for corrosive environments. Conveyor Components

Access platform line

These anti-slip access platforms help workers reach elevated process equipment safely, eliminating the need for ladders, scissor lifts and forklift cages. The modular system includes braced frames that can be bolted to the floor, 48-sq\.-in. (1,220-mm-sq) deck sections and stairways with elevations up to 96 in. (2.4m). Upper grab rails and mid-height rails bolted to stairway stringers and deck perimeters, together with auto-closing hinged safety gates and anti-slip grating on treads and decks, maximize personnel security. Modularity allows stacking of frames to attain high elevations. Decks can be joined in 48-sq.-in. (1,220-mm-sq) increments to create elevated walkways and extended mezzanine areas. Flexicon

Real-time remote monitoring of boiler room equipment

Miura Connect is a mobile, cloud-based, real-time remote monitoring and customer-accessible platform for boiler room equipment. Features include integrated technical documentation to provide data when needed as well as supporting documents such as water logs and maintenance procedures; real-time equipment viewing using IoT technology; data report generation, including custom historical data reports; tailored alarm notifications via instant text or e-mail; multiple location monitoring from one centralized location; and data tracking and trending, with historical data stored in the cloud. Miura

Continuous-flow bulk microwave sterilization systems

These scalable continuous-flow bulk microwave sterilization systems process high-quality, shelf-stable bulk fruit and vegetable purées rapidly and gently. The sterilization skid can plug into new or existing production lines to improve the flavor, texture and color of existing products and to convert frozen purée products to shelf-stable product lines. Three models are available. The portable Nomatic system, designed to accommodate throughputs from 0.5 to 3 l/min, is suitable for commercial applications with limited quantities and small, frequent runs. The Pilot and Commercial Scale systems are for larger scale processing, accommodating throughputs from 2 to 30 gal/min. SinnovaTek

Mobile powder dispensing

A mobile version of the Batch-Weigh automated powder dispensing system, offered as an option, enables powder processors to safely and easily roll the screw conveying system from one tank, vessel, mixer, hopper, or other location to another, or from one processing line to another, without investing in multiple powder conveying systems. The clever conveyor may be used to automatically transfer, weigh, and dispense precise amounts of powders, pellets, flakes, and other bulk materials then quickly cleaned and rolled to the next location. Automated Flexible Conveyor

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