Equipment Round Up: March 2021

March 9, 2021
Our editors selected the following food and beverage manufacturing equipment products to feature in our March 2021 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

Award-winning bowl cutter

K+G Wetter's Hygienic Secure series of industrial bowl cutters focuses on economy and optimization of process sequences, hygiene and safety, ease of operation as well as ergonomics and energy efficiency. Seals, a wearing part that need to be replaced at maintenance intervals, have been eliminated, along with the risk of contamination they introduce. There is a two-part stainless steel lid (knife and noise reduction lid). Loading and unloading time is significantly reduced. An additional special feature and novelty: The cover strip on the knife lid is self-adjusting and can be removed without tools for cleaning. Both the lid strip and the mushroom topper and bowl scraper, which can be removed without tools, can be easily and thoroughly cleaned - for smooth production processes, maximum hygiene and product safety. It recently won the silver International FoodTech Award 2021. AmTrade Systems

HMI and drive faceplates

CP600 Gen 2 HMIs with drive faceplates offer a NEMA 4X rating, an expanded temperature range, 33% brighter screens, additional communications ports and integral web server capability. They are available in 7-, 10- and 15-in. sizes. The CP600-eCo control panel, with screen sizes from 4.3- to 10.1-in. widescreen, is designed for basic to standard functions and high usability for clear interaction with the operation process. The CP600-Pro HMI, with screen sizes from 5- to 21.5 in. widescreen, comes with high-end visualization performance, multitouch operation, trendsetting communication and representative design. The faceplates provide control, monitoring and diagnostic functions of as many as eight drives. ABB

Grade-A green beans

Iso-Flo vibratory and rotary separation equipment combined with a Veryx digital sorter comprise a new automated grading system for fresh green beans. This turnkey solution automatically removes green beans with defects such as tip rot, wind scars and wormhole damage as well as a wide range of foreign material, including rocks, insects and animal parts, glass, metal, cardboard, corn cobs and roots, cotton stalks, peanuts and more. It also separates green beans in clusters or with attached stems and directs them for further processing. This integrated grading solution significantly reduces labor requirements, increases throughput and achieves consistent product quality, even during times of high incoming defect rates. Key Technology

High-performance inline pump

The CR 185 vertical multistage inline pump offers advanced simulation-driven design and up to 1,275 gpm and 1,230 feet of head. The CR 185 is suitable for high-flow water supply, water transfer and water treatment applications requiring energy efficiency. An improved impeller design reduces energy loss, and the optimized flow path reduces pressure loss, both of which improve the pump’s efficiency. On pumps up to 30 hp, this range features an integrated VFD and MLE motor. For pumps larger than 30 hp, a panel-mounted CUE VFD is available to offer more energy optimization, efficiency and control. Grundfos

Intelligent sensors

A suite of on-line analyzers and digital sensors play a critical role in process control and quality production. Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology provides predictive diagnostics that help manage maintenanceOn-line analyzers give real-time measurements. These instruments are suitable for production environments and for pure water monitoring. The portfolio includes pH & ORP sensors; dissolved oxygen, CO2 and ozone sensors; conductivity and turbidity sensors; continuous total organic carbon and microbial analyzers; and sodium, silica, chloride and sulfate analyzers. Mettler-Toledo Process Analytics

Lift, load, crush, discharge

The Material Master bulk bag discharging system with scale system and crusher provides for an efficient, controlled discharge of materials through a loss-in-weight operation into customer’s existing process. It utilizes a 2-ton hoist and trolley system and a Spider-Lift bag lifting frame for safe and efficient loading of bulk bags into the Material Master system. Crusher reduces material to desired particle size, then the scale system and a summing box communicates with a slide gate to provide for an accurate discharge of uniform material into the process. Systems are custom-designed for each application. Material Transfer & Storage

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