Equipment Round Up: January 2019

Jan. 14, 2019
Our editors selected the following equipment products to feature in our January 2019 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

Color-code tools for safety

Color-coding of tools is key to this supplier's philosophy of food safety. To that end, brown, lime and gray have been added to its line of color-coded tools, bringing the total number of colors to 12. These three additional colors give facilities more options and have been added to 35 different Remco and Vikan tools. These tools run the gamut from simple shovels and brushes to specialty pieces such as wall brackets and tank brushes. Brown and gray are subtle colors that are ideal for use in high-visibility areas such as hallways and corridors. Brown is also a good replacement for wooden products. Because it’s so visually distinct, lime is being used by some facilities as a part of their allergen control plans. Remco Products Corp.; Zionsville, Ind.; 317.876.9856;

Detectable food temperature probe

This digital food temperature probe is made of polymer and is both metal-detectable and X-ray-visible, ensuring users minimize the risks of foreign-body contamination within the guidelines of a HACCP plan. Its smooth, durable surface makes it easy to keep hygienically clean, and its wide measuring range makes it suitable for all food, storage and equipment checks. It also can be stored in a wall-mountable detectable holder, so a probe is at the ready at each crucial stage in the food production and storage process. Detectamet; Richmond, Va.; 844-820-7244;

High-speed sauce pellet depositors for meal kits

The 4P-01 is designed for high-speed depositing of sauce pellets for meal kits and of sauces, condiments and fillings into thermo-formed cavities of horizontal vacuum formers or pre-made cups. Speeds as high as 5,700 portions/min. are attainable depending on viscosity. The depositor uses a servo-driven orbital spout bridge that follows the packages or platens during the fill cycle. Positive shutoff spouts are used for clean, accurate filling. The filler can be cleaned-in-place (CIP) or disassembled for sanitizing. Controls allow the fill parameters to be set automatically by selecting the recipe or SKU in the operator interface. Hinds-Bock; Bothell, Wash.; 877-292-5715;

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