Mintel Releases Consumer Trends for 2014

Jan. 9, 2014
Consumer analysts have outlined four trends that will likely impact American consumers in 2014.

Chicago-based market intelligence firm Mintel announced today four consumer trends it believes will impact consumers in 2014.

Analysts Jennifer Zegler and Stacy Glasgow revealed the following trends:

Internationalism will be high on the agenda. From the Sochi Winter Olympics to the FIFA World Cup Brazil the interest in ‘internationalism’ will see influenced shopping habits. Mintel found 67% of legal US spirits drinkers are interested in trying alcoholic drinks from other countries including Brazilian cachaca, a sugar-cane-based liquor,” says Zegler.

Streamlined life. Technology will continue to provide solutions to consumers and in 2014, those solutions will help them lead healthier lives. "In the coming year, wearable and more accessible technology will provide consumers with solutions to problems they weren’t even aware of having," says Glasgow. According to research, 30% of consumers would like to try technology devices that track exercise exertion and progress and 24% of primary grocery shoppers utilize Internet retailers. "Those concepts and more will be taken to the next level in the coming year, as consumers seek more digital methods by which they can streamline all areas of life” Glasgow adds.

Uplugging from and drawing the line in the digital sand. Technology may help consumers realize a healthier lifestyle, but they will also find the need to unplug just as important. "As digitalization becomes even more pervasive, it will foster a growing culture of impatience, over-sharing, and of privacy concerns – leading to a demand for more of a balance between living online and ‘real world’ experiences,” says Glasgow. Research shows 69% of consumers claim they need to set time aside to disconnect from being online.  "An outgrowth of this movement will be the acknowledgement of the need for simplification and slowing down in all areas of life, wherever and whenever achievable," adds Glasgow.

Investing in prevention. Mindfulness will be front and center for the 2014 consumer. According to Mintel, around half of juice drinkers consume it to increase their servings of fruits or vegetables and 24% of people who take vitamins, minerals, or supplements do so to compensate for poor eating habits. Zegler adds "In 2014, we will see a continued increase in stealth-health products that are fortified with added nutrients, but resemble familiar food and drink, such as protein-fortified juice drinks or prebiotic fiber-enriched snack bars."

Mintel's US 2014 Consumer Trends are available to be downloaded at:

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