Experts Explore Top Trends in Taste

Feb. 9, 2005
McCormick Puts Flavor in Focus With 2005 Flavor Forecast Experts Explore The Top Trends in TasteThe flavor experts at McCormick & Company, Inc., Hunt Valley, Md., have released their 2005 Flavor Forecast, defining the top trends in taste for this year and beyond. No matter where people are eating -- at home or in restaurants -- one thing holds true. They crave flavor: bold, comforting, unexpected, and international. As with previous reports, McCormick teamed up with some of America's best chefs, television personalities and cookbook authors to create the 2005 Flavor Forecast. This year's edition is both informative and aromatic, bearing the fresh scent of ginger.Here's a look at the top 10 flavors for 2005. Classic favorites -- cinnamon and vanilla -- make repeat performances, as people discover new ways to enjoy them. Surprising flavors -- annatto, cardamom and pickling spice -- are gaining momentum, fueled by the popularity of international cuisines and a return to slow cooking. The complete list is:
  • Allspice
  • Annatto
  • Cardamom
  • Cinnamon
  • Curry
  • Ginger
  • Mint
  • Pickling Spice
  • Sage
  • Vanilla
"As Americans' interest in international flavors and bold tastes grows, so does their desire for herbs, spices and seasonings," said Laurie Harrsen, director of public relations at McCormick. "In fact, spice consumption has doubled during the past 20 years, to more than one billion pounds in 2003, and we project that figure will continue to increase."McCormick's forecast also examines the following flavor trends:
  • Satisfying the Senses - Meals feature flavors, colors, aromas and textures that deliver a true multi-sensory experience.

  • Location, Location, Location - Chefs and home cooks are looking to locally grown ingredients and those from specific locations for the ultimate in freshness and premium taste.

  • Worldly Tastes - Rather than preparing authentic recipes, people are taking mini flavor adventures by combining one or two global ingredients with familiar foods.

  • Healthy Measures - No matter what type of eating plan people may follow, flavor is the key to making healthful dishes enjoyable.

  • Elevating the Basics - As palates become more sophisticated, chefs and home cooks are reinventing classic favorites to reach new heights in flavor.
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