Food Processing Kicks Off Kick-Ass Women in Food

March 16, 2015
Food Processing celebrates the women in the food and beverage industry with an exciting new project.
Food Processing is kicking off an innovative new project, and we could use your help.

Food Processing, in partnership with Putman Media Events and CBD Marketing, is launching Kick-Ass Women in Food.

Starting today and running through August 31, 2015, Food Processing will be collecting nominations for the Kick-Ass Women in Food program.

What makes a Kick-Ass Woman in Food?

Well first of all, she must be a woman. While there is no restriction on age, to be considered for the project, she should have at least a few years of food and beverage industry experience.

Some of the other criteria we're looking for in a Kick-Ass Woman:

  • She's a respected leader in the industry
  • She's accomplished something that has moved the industry forward
  • She's fostered the growth of females in the industry
  • She demonstrates “thought leadership” in the food and beverage industry

We're looking for women in all segments of the food and beverage industry too:


Putman’s partner in this exciting new venture is CBD Marketing, a woman-owned, Chicago-based agency. CBD has successfully published “Words of Wisdom from Kick-Ass Women,” a digital and hardcopy book that honors women leaders in the marketing industry. This now expands the franchise to the food industry.

  • Company leadership/management
  • Human Resources, Finance, IT, etc.
  • Food Scientists
  • Research and Development
  • Food Safety, Quality Control/Quality Assurance
  • Packaging
  • Distribution
  • Supply Chain
  • Plant Operations
  • Small Business Owners
  • Consultants
  • Industry Experts

After the Nominations

Once we've collected all of the nominations, our selection committee will narrow the selection to the 25 women who most represent the qualities listed above. We do encourage nominating early, often and even for yourself.

Nomination Tips

Does your entire department or company think the world of one special, particularly Kick-Ass woman? Get as many of them to nominate her as possible. The more evidence of her Kick-Assdom we can get, the better. 

We'll reach out to those 25 selected women to find out what advice they have for being Kick-Ass Women. Once we've gathered all of their advice, we'll be compiling it into a book which you – our faithful readers – can download for free.

That's right. Free advice, inspirations, quotes, mantras, etc. from 25 of the most Kick-Ass Women in the Food Industry.

But we can't make it happen without you.

Nominate your favorite Kick-Ass Women in the Food and Beverage Industry Today by visiting our Kick-Ass Women in Food nomination page

Throughout the nomination phase, keep up with the project on social media with the hashtag #kickasswomeninfood

Questions? E-Mail Erin, Food Processing's own Kick-Ass Digital Doyenne.