Hormel Foods Corp.

Aug. 10, 2009
One Hormel Place, Austin, MN 55912-3680Phone: 507-437-5611Fax: 507-437-5158www.hormel.comExecutives: Chrmn & Pres/CEO: Jeffrey M. Ettinger; EVP & CFO: Jody H. Feragen; EVP & Pres.-Hormel Business Units: Steven G. Binder; EVP-Corporate Strategy, Planning and Development: Ronald W. Fielding; Group VP & Pres-Hormel Foods International: Richard A. Bross; Group VP-Foodservice: Thomas R. Day; Group VP-Specialty Foods: Donald H. Kremin; Group VP & Pres-Jennie-O Turkey Store: Glenn Leitch; Group VP-Grocery Products: James Splinter; Group VP & Pres-Consumer Products Sales: Larry L. Vorpahl; SVP-Supply Chain: William F. Snyder; VP-Corporate Innovation and New Product Development: D. Scott Aakre; VP-Foodservice Marketing: Jeffrey R. Baker; VP-Sales Foodservice: Deanna T. Brady; VP-Affiliated Business Units, Refrigerated Foods: Mark A. Coffey; VP, SVP-Sales, Consumer Products: Patrick J. Connor; VP-Corporate Communications: Julie H. Craven; VP-Operations, Grocery Products: Michael L. Devine; VP- Quality Management: Bryan D. Farnsworth; VP-Finance & Treasurer: Roland G. Gentzler; VP-Foodservice Marketing: Dennis B. Goettsch; VP-Corporate Development: Fred D. Halvin; VP & Corporate Secretary: Brian D. Johnson; VP-Human Resources: David P. Juhlke; VP-External Affairs & General Counsel: Lori J. Marco; VP-Grocer Products Marketing: Luis G. Marconi; VP-R&D: Phillip Minerich; VP, SVP-Sales, Consumer Product Sales: Kurt F. Mueller; VP-Refrigerated Foods Operations: Jeff A. Nuytten; VP, SVP-Sales, Consumer Product Sales: Douglas R. Reetz; VP-Engineering: James R. Schroeder; VP, SVP-Sales, Consumer Product Sales: Patrick J. Schwab; VP & Controller: James N. Sheehan; VP-Legislative Affairs: Joe. C Swedberg; VP-Meat Products Marketing: Steven J. VenengaSubsidiaries, Divisions: Dan’s Prize, Hormel Foods International Corp., Jennie-O Foods, Progressive ProcessingBrands: Black Label, Boca Grande Foods, Buffalo, By George, Carapelli, Chi-Chi's, Country Crock, Cure 81, Curemaster, Di Lusso, Dinty Moore, Don Miguel, Dona Maria, Dubuque, El Torito, Farm Fresh, Farmer John, Fast'N Easy, Herb-Ox, Herdez, Homeland, Hormel, House of Tsang, Jennie-O, Kid's Kitchen, Light & Lean, Little Sizzlers, Lloyd’s, Manny’s, Marrakesh Express, Mary Kitchen, MegaMex, Not-So-Sloppy-Joe, Old Smokehouse, Patak’s, Peloponnese, Quick Meal, Rosa Grande, Sandwich Maker, Saag’s, Spam, Stagg, Valley Fresh, WranglersMajor Product Areas: Meat and poultry, canned, frozen and preserved foods, fats/oils, miscellaneous

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