Dean Foods Co.

Aug. 7, 2009
2711 N Haskell Avenue, Ste. 3400, Dallas, TX 75201Phone: 214-303-3400Fax: 214-303-3499www.deanfoods.comExecutives: Chrmn: Tom Davis; CEO: Gregg A. Tanner; EVP & CFO: Chris Bellairs; SVP, Procurement & Operational Support: Shay Braun; SVP & Chief Information Officer: Barbara D. Carlini; COO: Marty Devine; EVP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary: Rachel A. Gonzalez; EVP, Human Resources: Kim WarmbierSubsidiaries, Divisions: Alta Dena Dairy, Amboy Specialty Products, Amboy of Michigan, Barber Dairy, Bell Dairy Products, Berkeley Farms, Coburg Dairy, Cream O’Weber Dairy, Creamland Dairies, Dean Dairy Products Co., Dean Foods Co. of California, Dean Milk Co., Fairmont Products Inc., H. Meyer Dairy, Hillside Dairy, Kohler Mix, Maplehurst Dairy, Mayfield Dairy Farms Inc., Meadow Brook Dairy, Meadow Gold, Meadows Distributing, Melody Farms, Purity Dairies, Reiter Dairy, Sani-Dairy, T.G. Lee Foods, Verifine Dairy Products Corp., Wengert’s DairyBrands: Alta Dena, Atlanta Dairies, Arctic Splash, Barbers, Barbe’s, Berkeley Farms, Borden*, Broughton, Brown Cow, Brown’s Dairy, Bud’s Ice Cream, Chug, Country Charm, Country Churn, Country Delite, Country Fresh, Country Love, Creamland, Dairy Fresh, Dean’s, Dipzz, Foremost*, Fieldcrest, Friendship, Fruit Rush, Garelick Farms, Gandy’s, Hershey’s*, Hygeia, Jilbert, Land O’Lakes*, Land-O-Sun, Lehigh Valley, Liberty, Louis Trauth, Maplehurst, Maplehurst, Mayfield, McArthur, Meadowbrook, Meadow Gold, Mile High, Mountain High, Nature’s Pride, NuttyBuddy, Nurture, Oak Farms, Over the Moon, Pet*, Pog* Price’s, Purity, Reiter, Robinson, Saunders, Schenkel’s All Star, Schepps, Shenandoah’s Pride, Stroh’s, Swiss Dairy, Swiss Premium, TG Lee, Tuscan, Turtle Tracks, Verifine, VivaProduct Areas: Dairy

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