Campbell Soup Co.

Aug. 10, 2009

1 Campbell Place, Camden, NJ 08103-1799
Phone: 856-342-4800
Fax: 856-342-3878

Executives: Chrmn: Paul R. Charron; Pres. & CEO: Denise Morrison; Pres.-North America: Mark Alexander; SVP-Global Baking and Snacking & Pres.-Pepperidge Farm: Irene Chang Britt; SVP-Finance: Anthony P. DiSilvestro; Pres-Campbell Company of Canada: Philip E. Donne; Pres.-Asia Pacific: Gareth Edgecombe; SVP-Chief Legal & Public Affairs: Ellen Oran Kaden; Pres.-Campbell International: Luca Mignini; SVP-Global Supply Chain: David R. White; SVP & Chief Human Resources: Bob Morrissey; SVP, CFO & Chief Administrative Officer: B. Craig Owens; VP-Finance & Strategy, International: Andy Ridler; Pres.-Greater Europe: John Sechi; SVP & Chief Marketing Officer: Mike Senackerib; SVP & Chief Information Officer: Joseph C. Spagnoletti; SVP-Global R&D: Carlos Barroso

Brands: Arnott’s, Bolthouse Farms, Campbell's, Chunky, Franco-American, Godiva, Goldfish, Healthy Request, Hungry-Man, Pace, Pepperidge Farm, Prego, Royco, SpaghettiOs, Swanson, Supper Bakes, V8 Vegetable Juice

Major Product Areas: Meat and poultry, canned, frozen and preserved food, bakery, sugar/confectionery, beverages, miscellaneous

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