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Food Biz Kids: Stride Mega Mystery Gum 'Feels like a waterfall in your mouth'

July 18, 2011
Our young testers thought Kraft's Stride Mega Mystery Gum was an explosion of flavor: First Watermelon, Then Banana, Then Strawberry and Papaya.
Stride Mega Mystery sugar free gum
Kraft Foods Inc., Northfield, Ill.

Terrence Powell, 7th grade:
It's hard to get the package open, but it makes up for it with the smell. It smells like a mixed batch of berries. It even tastes like berries. It feels chewy inside my mouth. I would recommend this product for people who like fruity gum.

Cecilia Hansen, 7th grade:
It looks so interesting; I had to try it. This packaging isn't easy to open – too much strong plastic! I think the world needs a mystery-flavored gum. It smells really zesty, and it tastes like a mixture of fruits. It makes me feel like I am in a tropical rainforest. People who enjoy fruity gum should buy it. The world needs this gum.

Orlando Owens, 7th grade:
It was hard to get the plastic off. It smells like various flavors of strawberry, raspberry and many others. This would probably appeal to lots of people, but mostly those who are looking for sugary gum. The gum paper is colorful with lots of questions marks. I can't put my finger on the flavor of gum it is. That's probably why they call it Mega Mystery gum.

Rachel Cheney-Egan, 7th grade:
The packaging is eye catching and colorful; even the wrapping around the sticks of gum is eye catching. It is easy to open and, to me, it is a really good gum quality. The taste is an amazing wave of fruitful goodness. It starts out all orangey and then changes to blueberry, and back and forth. I would recommend it to anyone who loves the goodness of gum. I think it is a good idea to make it a mystery flavor because it's fun to figure out what flavor it is.
Payton Miller, 7th grade:
When I first saw Stride Mega Mystery gum, it looked so yummy. When I first put it in my mouth, I questioned the things I tasted – first watermelon, then banana, then strawberry and papaya. It tasted so good. I want another piece; this gum is great.

Sophie Berne, 7th grade:
The packaging attracts you; it made me want to try it. You wonder what it tastes like. The gum smells fruity. When you put it in your mouth, it is delicious. The gum is a mixture of fruits. I would recommend this to all gum buyers, and I would buy this product.

Desmond James, 7th grade:
Mega Mystery gum is very good and relaxing. It has a long-lasting flavor that feels like it is a waterfall in your mouth. It also comes in great packaging and with good covering.

Elly Freitas, 7th grade:
So awesome! I love the mysterious taste when you try to figure out the flavor. The packaging is great, I think this is a really good product to sell and I think a lot of kids and [adults] will like it.

Zane Tolchinski, 7th grade:
It looks fine, but not very colorful. It tastes sweet, but it loses its flavor very fast. The texture is good. But it's not good for blowing bubbles.

Tom Sullivan, 7th grade:
At first when I saw the package, it seemed so mysterious and strange. It was hard to get the plastic off. When I put it in my mouth and started chewing it, I got a really great taste in my mouth; it was a soft, good, mushiness.

Ian Hanson, 7th grade:
Right as I took the first bite, I loved all the unidentified flavors mixed together. The packaging is amazing; it's a mix of color just like the flavors. I would definitely pick this out of a line-up. Other than that, it loses flavor very quickly. After five minutes, it lost all flavor and tasted bad.

Julian McCorkle, 7th grade:
Stride Mega Mystery gum smells very, very, tasty and looks very good. It's white colored, tastes like cherries, and it's kinda minty. I would buy this product. I think the world needs this product.

If you have a new product you want to test on our seventh-and eighth grade panelists, contact Diane Toops at [email protected], or 630-467-1300 ext. 321.

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