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Top Glass Packages of 2010

Jan. 12, 2011
Glass Packaging Institute announces 2010 Clear Choice Awards winners.

Nine food & beverage processors (and one perfume-maker) and four glass suppliers were winners in the 21st Annual Clear Choice Awards given late last year by the Glass Packaging Institute.

"The winning package designs demonstrate that glass continues to be the 'clear choice' for consumers who want a package that provides a premium feel and also protects the products they are buying," says Joseph Cattaneo, GPI president. "Designing and packaging in glass for foods, beverages and fragrances ensures your product has a competitive edge."

"More consumers should know of the good work that is being done with glass packaging," says Mark "Coach" Smallwood, Mid Atlantic Green Mission Specialist/Local Forager at Whole Foods and one of the five judges.

The Clear Choice Awards winners were on display at the InterBev 2010 show Sept. 22–24 and at Pack Expo International Oct. 31–Nov. 3. Judges were: Charlie DiGregorio, Michigan State University School of Packaging; Dan Matauch, principal/creative director, Flowdesign Inc.; Dennis Young, Michigan State University School of Packaging; Joe Pryweller, managing editor of Packaging Strategies; Yousef Zaatar, vice president of operations, Z International; and Mark "Coach" Smallwood, Green Mission Specialist, Whole Foods. The Clear Choice Awards have been given since 1989.

Submitted glass packages were judged on innovation (in container form and product category), package design (including container, label and closure) and shelf impact. There were nine predetermined categories and one overall design winner.

CATEGORY: Overall Package Design
Boston Beer Co., Samuel Adams Barrel Room Collection


Glass container supplier was Anchor Glass Container; package decorator was Quest Industries LLC; packaging supplier was WS Packaging; and package designer was Kenneth Hirst at Hirst Pacific Ltd.
CATEGORY: Non-Carbonated Beverage
Old Orchard Brands LLC for Very Cherre Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice.


Glass bottle by Saint-Gobain Containers Inc.; closure by Crown Closures; label by Chattanooga Label Systems.
CATEGORY: Carbonated Beverage
Route 66 Sodas LLC for Route 66 Sodas.


Vitro Packaging made the glass container; design concepts and text by Scott & Elizabeth Cameron; illustrations by Tom Birmingham, Art Of His Mind; art design by Rachel Buck.
MillerCoors LLC for the Miller Lite Vortex bottle


The glass container was supplied by Owens-Illinois; McDill Design made the bottle label graphics; and the labels were supplied by Multi-Color Corp.
B&G Foods Inc. for B&M Baked Beans "Beanpot."


The glass container supplier was Saint-Gobain Containers Inc.; label by Fort Dearborn; closure by Crown Cork Closures.
CATEGORY: Organic Food or Beverage
Adina For Life Inc. for Adina Holistics


Anchor Glass Container and Vitro Packaging supplied the glass container; package label by Spear; closure by Silgan.
CATEGORY: Flavored Alcoholic Beverage
Diageo for Smirnoff Premium Malt Mixed Drinks


Glass containers supplied by Owens-Illinois and Saint-Gobain Containers; label by Spear.
CATEGORY: Distilled Spirits
Proximo for The Kraken Black Spiced Rum


Glass container supplier was Vitro Packaging; package designer by Stranger and Stranger, London; label by JR Cole Industries; closure by Alcan Capalux (amcor), St Cesaire, Quebec.
Eight Arms Cellars for The Tentacle north coast California syrah


Glass supplier was Saint-Gobain Containers Inc.; package design by John Schall Design; silk screening by Monvera Glass Décor.

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