A List of Our Lists

May 5, 2010
Five things you may not know about FoodProcessing.com.

I love lists. From making them to reading them, give me a number or a bullet point and I'll be informed or informational in no time.

Lists have a way of turning ordinary information into short, easily digestible, hey-did-you-know-that tidbits. Recognizing that any reader of Food Processing is bound to be in a time crunch, I'm devoting this month's column to five things you may not know about our website.

1. We're still looking for the greenest food plants in America. If you haven't nominated a facility yet (you can nominate your own, in fact) visit www.FoodProcessing.com/articles/2010/greenplantnominations.html and vote.

2. We're giving away a $100 American Express gift card if you tell us what you think of FoodProcessing.com. No voting, just button pressing and maybe a thought or two. You can enter to win (and critique) at www.FoodProcessing.com/web-survey/2010.html.

3. We've narrowed down the search for the 2010 R&D Teams of the Year. This year's contenders are Hormel and Unilever North America in the large category, Reser's Fine Foods and Ruiz Foods in the medium-sized category and Annie Chun's and Attune Foods in the small-company category. Visit www.FoodProcessing.com/nominate and cast your vote.

4. We like lists and surveys (can't you tell?). We use the information you provide us to do things like award deserving recipients, create informative lists (www.FoodProcessing.com/top100 for example), provide benchmarking information for the industry, such as our upcoming salary survey in June, and offer research reports for industry insiders. You can see our list of research reports at www.FoodProcessing.com/specialreports.

5. We're extremely social. We're on Facebook (www.facebook.com/foodprocessing) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/foodprocessing), and we even have a LinkedIn Group devoted to members of the food and beverage industry (www.linkedin.com/groupRegistration?gid=1558547). Check us out if you're looking to join a relaxed but informative conversation about the industry.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to make a list of the things I need to make other lists for.