’s New Look

Nov. 10, 2008
Take a tour of our newly redesigned website.

Have you noticed that got a make-over recently? We took the old girl in, gussied her up and now proudly parade her around as our much more user-friendly desktop eye-candy.

When we set out to redesign the web site, we heeded the calls of our magazine readers and web site users. We focused on upgrading the elements that our users depend on for the most: new product, equipment and ingredient information; innovative best practices from the nation’s most renowned food processors; and the latest information on news and trends facing the industry today.

With new tools and a new look, using to the fullest advantage might require some help. Therefore, consider this 2.0 -- A Primer. This first installment covers the new features you’ll see when you come to the home page.

  • Top Stories: One of the biggest changes you’ll notice about the new is our “Top Stories” slideshow. Built to provide 10-second previews of our most important articles, this feature allows you to get a bigger glimpse at what our most important articles are all about. Within this box, you can slow down or stop the slide show or fast forward through the articles. If you find something you like, you click the article and voila!
  • Featured Articles and Food Processing News: We know a lot of our readers look to for news and innovative best practices. We’ve brought those articles into the forefront by way of our newly added Featured Article and Food Processing News lists. Here you can find breaking news as well as articles for publication in our current and future issues. Be sure you come back often as the articles are updated frequently. 
  • Videos, White Papers and Knowledge Centers: We’ve housed all of our multimedia in one easy-to-find spot on the home page. Located in the top right corner of the page, our quick-navigation tool allows you to scroll through our video and white paper libraries as well as a list of our knowledge centers.

Come back next month where we’ll cover other new features of the site including updated topics pages, a new Research section as well as many more details.