Equipment Round Up: September 2008 - Lubricants

Sept. 3, 2008
Food Processing showcases a variety of lubricants
ood-safe maintenanceA range of maintenance products that are safe for use in food processing facilities include threadlockers, thread sealants, gasketing compounds and RTV sealants. They cover the basic maintenance requirements by food processing facilities to keep their equipment up and running smoothly while preventing costly downtime. There are also epoxy compounds for repairing metal equipment and forming a protective barrier against abrasion and corrosion. Two of these are certified with NSF/ANSI-61 approvals for repairing, rebuilding, and coating metal components that come into contact with drinking water.Devcon; Danvers, Mass.
Synthetic technologySFGO Ultra Synthetic food machinery-grade fluid Lubricants can help you consolidate, simplify and reduce your lubricant inventory. These high-performance, NSF H-1 registered, polyalphaolefin (PAO)-based synthetic fluid lubricants have been designed to meet the demands of wide variety of applications, thus reducing the need to inventory a myriad of application-specific lubricants. They are recommended for air compressors, hydraulic systems, bearings, gearboxes, pumps and chains. Available in 13 ISO viscosity grades. Lubriplate Lubricants Co.; Newark, N.J.
For aseptic cold fillingKlϋberfood NH1 87-703 Hygienic is a physiologically safe grease for valves and fittings that is ideal for use in aseptic cold filling plants that handle sensitive beverages and food products such as baby food, fruit juice, yogurt and beer. It ensures hygienically safe and reliable lubrication in filling taps containing EPDM seals as well as in those for filling barrels and tapping beer. It may also be used in the beverage industry, for rolling bearings that operate slowly under low loads. The grease is compatible with EPDM seals and, in fact, extends their service life. Users benefit from less downtime and higher production output.Kluber Lubrication NA; Londonderry, N.H.
Synthetic food machinery greaseNevastane SFG Grease offers superior performance in food processing plant machinery with fully synthetic base oil and calcium complex sulfonate soap thickener. Resistant to water, steam, food acids and alkalis, its service range includes very low and high temperature conditions and in high-speed bearings. It can be used in plain and anti-friction bearings, rollers and guides, pump bearings and hot and cold applications. It is NSF H1 registered and Kosher Pareve approved.Total Lubricants USA; Linden, N.J.
Tough greaseMolykote HP-300 is a fully fluorinated grease that can withstand harsh conditions, such as low or high temperatures, corrosion, solvents, liquefied natural gases and high vacuums. It is formulated for compatibility with a variety of plastic parts which allows it to be used in a wide range of applications. Compatible with most rubbers and plastics, it is NSF-H1 approved for applications involving incidental food contact and has a wide temperature range of -65°-+250°C. It is also appropriate for long-term lubrication because it exhibits excellent resistance to oxidation.Dow Corning Corp.; Midland, Mich.

Special additives
Clarion Food Grade A/W Hydraulic Oils use an additive system designed specifically for lubricants for food processing equipment. They are formulated with a high purity white mineral oil and additive system and are available in five ISO viscosity grades. They meet the requirements of 21 CFR 178.3570 for lubricants with the possibility of incidental contact with food and are registered as NSF H1 lubricants, as well as being certified as Kosher. These lubricants are colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-staining and provide excellent wear, rust, and oxidation protection, fortified with high molecular weight polymer for improved high temperature performance.
Citgo Petroluem Corp.; Houston

Protective oil

Superla white oils are highly refined, odorless, tasteless, crystal clear white mineral oils for use when a USP-grade white mineral oil is required. They can be used as a defoamer in food and as a release agent for bakery pans and dough dividers. The oils also form a protective coating on raw fruits, vegetables, and meat, and control dust in cereal grains.
Chevron Products; Frisco, Texas

For dusty conditions
Food processing machinery requires a heavy-duty grease that can maintain proper bearing lubrication free from dust and contamination. Facilities such as those that produce pet food require regular re-application of grease because they are challenged with developing quality feed in often extremely dusty conditions. FM Grease HD 2 was specially designed to hold up to harsh production environments while also meeting the specific needs and requirements of the food industry. Recommended for use in machinery that requires frequent re-application of grease, this grease provides excellent oxidation and mechanical stability and corrosion prevention characteristics.
Shell Lubricants; The Netherlands

High-temp applications

A high-performance NLGI 2 synthetic grease, SHC Polyrex 462, has been developed for general industrial and food processing machinery to help improve the reliability of equipment that operates in traditionally difficult-to-lubricate, high-temperature applications. This grease is formulated with a proprietary polyurea thickener and a high-performance additive technology. It is engineered to promote food-safe processing, deliver exceptional equipment performance, reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity. It protects equipment that operates in extreme conditions, including temperatures as high as 160°C.
Exxon Mobil Corp.; Fairfax, Va.

Organized lubricant information
The Lubrication Library is a web-based service that providers subscribers a central-point of reference on lubricant specifications and technical information from major lubricant suppliers. It allows users to easily build and print a reference list of lubricants currently used within their facility as well as the manufacturers’ specifications sheets and material safety data sheets (MSDS). Subscribers can search multiple data with the database.Trico Corp.; Pewaukee, Wis.