Mama Mellace's Naturals Satisfies Cravings and Conscience

Aug. 27, 2008
Satisfy your craving for oven-roasted nuts while helping those in need

Carlsbad, Calif.-based Mellace Family Brands launches Mama Mellace’s Naturals, an extension of its line Mama Mellace’s Old World Treats brand, which includes natural nuts and fruit snacks.

Packaged in four-ounce pillow pouch bags and nine- or 8.5-ounce reusable and microwave-safe tubs, the natural, healthy snacks are oven-roasted for more crunch with no added oils, no butter, no cholesterol, no trans fat and no preservatives. Varieties include Sea Salt Almonds, Sea Salt Cashews and Fruit and Nut Mix. The Fruit and Nut Mix is made with real fruit, including dried blueberries and orange-cranberries, which are blended with almonds, cashews and yogurt chips.

“The Mama Mellace’s Old World Treats brand is all about simple, homemade goodness and natural ingredients,” says Mike Mellace, president and CEO. “With this line extension of Mama Mellace’s Naturals, we continue to build on that promise by making an uncomplicated snack, simply better.”

The line of Naturals enriches the lives of others through the Mama Cares Foundation and Opportunity International, which seeks to transform lives and provide microfinance services for poverty-stricken families. The Mama Cares Foundation will donate a portion of each purchase to Opportunity International’s mission to transform the lives of those in chronic poverty.