Food Biz Kids: Quaker Mini Delights Score Well with Teens

July 17, 2008
Eighth graders confirm: 'Teens will eat anything in sight.'

Quaker Mini Delights, Multigrain Cakes, Peanut Butter Flavor
The Quaker Oats Co., Chicago

Emily Fishkin, 8th grade:
Mini Delights taste sweet and crunchy. Obviously, it tastes like peanut butter. It’s almost like eating crispy cookies covered in peanut butter. The texture is nice, because they aren’t heavy; they are light and crispy. They smell like peanut butter. The bag is easy to open, and the packaging is no nonsense, which I like. Kids would like these because they are sweet. Teens will like them because they eat anything in sight. Adults will like these because they’re healthy.

Quincy Clegg, 8th grade:

Peanut Butter Mini Delights taste like a sweet rice cake with creamy peanut butter on top. The bite-sized pieces are crunchy, and then they have a creamy texture at the end. The packaging is easy to open and the product smells like peanut butter. It looks like something people of any age would look at and, without tasting it, buy it right off the shelf.

Josh Irving, 8th grade:
Mini Delights taste like a peanut butter cracker. It tastes good, and yes, I like it. It is crunchy and feels a little rough and smells like peanut butter. The package is appealing and not hard to open; it’s perfect. Any age can use this product.

Vanessa Flores, 8th grade:
Mini Delights Peanut Butter taste like soft, tasty peanut butter with a little taste of rice, and it has that nice flavor I like. It feels rough from the cake and soft from the peanut butter side. It’s very crunchy and has that buttery smell. The package is really easy to open and this will appeal to everyone.

Frank Stelter-Hogh, 8h grade:
It is a very peanut buttery snack, and I like it to some extent. It is kind of soft but crunchy. It doesn’t have a strong smell. It is kind of hard to open, but not extremely. This is mainly for small children due to its small size.

Lindsay Toland, 8th grade:
There are many ways to describe the serene taste and smell of this snack. I don’t think children would like to choose this over a bag of cookies. Although this snack is healthy, it doesn’t deliver the kind of taste children or teen would deem as tasty. But, I would recommend this product to adults because they have knowledge of what would seem good and bad. As I opened the package, the first word that popped in my head was “yum!” As I ate this snack, I noticed a few odd flavors … peanut butter and rice. Now, to me, that isn’t the kind of flavor I want to taste.

Ben Sommer, 8th grade:
These are definitely odd, but overall I like the Mini Delights taste. It’s sort of rough feeling and peanut butter smelling. I would assume if I like them, other teens and kids would too.

Jamal Banton, 8th grade:
It has a very good taste, like bread with peanut butter. It is very bumpy. The packaging is very easy to open, and the rice cake smells like peanut butter. I would use this product for everybody.

Ellie Kirk, 8th grade:
These taste like a sweet peanut butter rice cake. They are a little dry, but still good, and they don’t hurt your throat. They are semi-crunchy bars that smell like peanut buttery cardboard. The packaging is not appealing, but easy to open. I think that all people will enjoy this product.

Gillian McMurray, 8th grade:
The Peanut Butter Mini Delights have a burst of peanut butter in each one. They’re crunchy, and they smell great – just like peanut butter! These would be a great snack for anyone on-the-go, or just looking for a little something to hold their hunger.

Lydia Talavera, 8th grade:
The Mini Delights taste like peanut butter. It also has a taste of a rice crispy treat. The texture is in a circular form, and it’s not hard or soft; it’s in between the middle. It smells mostly just like peanut butter. I think that children would most likely love to eat this. Teenagers and adults would eat this at times.

Marcus Wallace, 8th grade:
The taste isn’t bad. It tastes like cereal with peanut butter. It like it and it feels like a rice cake. It’s hard and crunchy and smells like peanut butter. I think everyone would use it as a snack. The package is colorful and it is easy to open.

Allison Wint, 8th grade:
This tastes like bread with peanut butter. The texture is like tan with a light brown line and it is crunchy. The smell is of peanut butter. The packaging is appealing; it will catch your eye. Kids from the ages of five or older would use this.

Hannah Schwimmer, 8th grade:
The taste is good, not too bland. They smell good and have a good ‘light’ taste that’s a little sweet too. The package is very easy to open. I think it is good for any age group.

Julio Almanza, 8th grade:
It tastes peanut buttery crunchy. It tastes sweet and good. Yes, I like it because it’s healthy. It feels a little bit rough and crunchy. It smells like peanut butter. It’s appealing and it’s okay to open. I think a store should have this product, but for all kinds of adults and children.

If you have a new product you want to test on our seventh-and eighth grade panelists, contact Diane Toops at [email protected], or 630-467-1300 ext. 321.

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