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Glass Packaging Institute's 2008 Clear Choice Awards

July 2, 2008
The Glass Packaging Institute hands out its annual Clear Choice Awards.
Rose’s Mojito mixers, a brand of Cadbury-Schweppes Beverages Americas, was the Overall Package Design winner in the Glass Packaging Institute’s 2008 Clear Choice Awards. The awards were presented May 5 as part of the Food Marketing Institute FMI Show.  The non-alcoholic mixers, in Traditional, Mango, and Passion Fruit flavors, come in a unique, 21-oz. angled glass bottle designed and manufactured by Vitro Packaging. “The bottles’ slight rightward curve communicates sophistication, trendy and sleek,” said the judges. “The designer bottles also nest perfectly side-by-side to create an eye-catching display.”

GPI also gave an award to Avon Products Inc. for its Anew Clinical cosmetics and to the Orange Community Recycling Div. of the Orange County (Calif.) Solid Waste Management Dept. for its recycling program.

The 2008 Clear Choice Awards were judged by a panel that included representatives from packaging academia, packaging design and the packaging trade media.

“Choosing glass for a food, beverage or cosmetic product is an environmentally friendly decision that allows for a package design that creates superior shelf impact and brand loyalty,” said GPI President Joseph Cattaneo. For more information, the Glass Packaging Institute’s website.

The other 11 categories and their winners:

Beer | Miller Chill
Miller Brewing Co.
Supplier: Owens Illinois Inc.
This Latin-inspired, 12-oz. chelada-style light beer, brewed with a hint of salt and lime, has become Miller’s fastest growing brand in a decade. It comes in an emerald green, long-neck glass package with eye-catching graphics and colors, along with shoulder embossing of the Miller Brewing Co. brand.

Wine | Tin Roof Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon
White Rocket Wine Co.
Supplier: Saint-Gobain Containers Inc.
Judges said the “retro and modern” package design speaks of old-fashioned quality while appealing to a new generation of consumers. Clean glass is combined with a cutting edge label design to create a sophisticated look.

Food | On the Border Salsa
Truco Enterprises LP
Suppliers: Vitro Packaging; bottle and label design by Flow-Design Inc.
Combining glass container shape, embossing and innovative labeling, brand recognition is enhanced for this large (47-oz.) salsa container. The brand “on the Border” is embossed on the neck of the container, and contour embossing decorates the shoulder. The package is finished with a pressure sensitive label utilizing tactile inks.


Carbonated Beverage | Q Tonic
Supplier: Vitro Packaging
A drink-mixing tonic water and company of the same name used one of New York City’s best design shops, Aruliden, to develop the bottle. The 6.3-oz., etched glass bottle showcases a superior product.
Non-Carbonated Beverage | XanGo
Supplier: Anchor Glass; bottle and label design provided by Flow-Design Inc.
XanGo LLC wanted to set apart its Mangosteen fruit fruit juice of the same name in a strikingly different bottle. The pinched waist, tall, slender, clear glass container allows the burgundy fruit juice color to show through. The indented seam that curves up the side of the label is a border between the logo and embossed emblems of the mangosteen cross-section. The package is finished with a clear PSL label and contrasting orange color shrink top sleeve over a 33mm aluminum closure system.


Distilled Spirit | UV Vodka
Phillips Distilling Co.
Supplier: Anchor Glass
Form and functionality come together with artful label designs for a sophisticated, yet approachable package. The 1.75-liter, pinched grip bottle fits the hand for easy pouring from the long neck, which is topped by a custom tamper evident closure system.
Flavored Alcoholic Beverage | Saké2me
Supplier: Vitro Packaging (label design provided by Spear) Sake2me LLC’s self-named Japanese-style sake is a new entrant in this popular drink category, so differentiation was important. The smaller-than-usual container (6.3 oz) with a unique neck taper houses flavors Ginger Mango, Green Tea, Asian Pear, and Yuzu Citrus. The bottles are made with up to 70 percent recycled glass. The clear, pressure-sensitive label is provided by Spear.
Organic Food | Del Monte Organic Pickles
M. A. Gedney Co.
Supplier: Saint-Gobain Containers Inc.
Organic brands leverage glass packaging for purity and a premium appeal. The simple package also fills better and gives the pickles a long shelf life.
Organic Beverage | Tizane Beverages
Supplier: Leone Industries
Another brand and company of the same name, the line of organic beverages uses a simple but custom glass package design to reinforce the unadulterated taste of botanicals sweetened with blue agave nectar (not sugars or high-fructose corn syrup). The bottle also implies purity, flavor and balance.

Conversion | Red Gold Salsa
Red Gold Inc.
Supplier: Saint-Gobain Containers Inc.
Red Gold was honored for converting its salsa products from cans to a premium, 16-oz. glass jar with resealability. Colt Reichart of the family that owns Red Gold said the new package made for an immediate 17 percent increase in sales.

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