Equipment Round-Up: May 2008 - Packaging Materials

May 5, 2008
May equipment round-up is perfectly packaged

Marinate with a squeeze
The Marinade on Demand package holds meat and a marinade in separate compartments of the same thermoformed rollstock package. But a little pressure pops a seal on a channel that joins the two, allowing the marinade to enter the meat chamber and begin marinating the meat. The package can be used for any meat that would benefit from marinating. The marinade can be added to the meat at any desired time, all the while keeping the contents sterile. The package is suitable for both foodservice and retail products.
Cryovac/Sealed Air Corp.; Duncan, S.C.

DuPont Packaging, Wilmington, Del., and Industrial Polymers and Plantic Technologies Ltd., an Australian company specializing in starch-based biopolymers, plan to collaborate in the development and sale of renewably sourced polymers made from Plantic technology, resins and sheet materials based on high-amylose corn starch. Applications include food packaging trays, caps and containers. In addition to co-developing these new materials, DuPont will market and distribute Plantic’s starch-based resins and sheet products under the DuPont Biomax family of products

Processors of such products as luncheon meats and sliced cheeses have even more packaging choices available with a new reclosable package. Formed from semi-rigid top and bottom films, the new packaging features a top web formed with a deep, angled recess that snaps into the bottom web to tightly close the package and help maintain product freshness. The angle of the top web serves a second purpose in preventing product from sliding downward when the package hangs vertically. Packages can also be gas flushed for MAP applications to extend shelf life.
Multivac Inc.; Kansas City, Mo.
www.mutlivac.comReclosable deli packaging

Post-consumer peelable lids
Intelligent peelable RPET film (iPeelRPET) is the latest range of films based on RPET polyester for sealing and peeling to all tray types. It is manufactured to contain up to 35 percent post-consumer waste recycled PET resin and is available in a variety of coatings to seal and peel from many materials. A self-venting steamer technology for ready meals can be included that enables the pack to retain a greater degree of color, taste and texture during the cooking process. The product is recyclable with most grades conforming to the requirements of bin 1.
Rockwell Solutions Ltd.; Dundee, Scotland

Improves seal integrity
Difficult marinade applications are no match for a newly developed proprietary sealing technology. The new Q series film seals easily through marinade particulates, grease, salt and acidic environments, allowing processors to respond to consumer and retailer demands for convenient meal solutions in attractive, case-ready formats. The primary seal sets quickly at lower temperatures to prevent uncooked cuts of meat from searing during the packaging process, and the secondary seal allows processors to achieve excellent film-to-film seal at fast speeds.
Alcan Packaging Food Americas; Chicago

Next generation of PET
ParaStar polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resins offer enhanced bottle clarity, product purity and production and supply chain efficiencies to beverage brand owners and converters, as well as significant environmental benefits. The resin results from a patent-protected manufacturing process. Bottles have greater clarity, improved bottle-to-bottle consistency and acetaldehyde levels lowered by 25 percent or more. Less acetaldehyde in the resin makes this new resin particularly attractive for bottled water use. ParaStar is a drop-in replacement for standard PET on bottle manufacturing equipment. It is 100 percent recyclable with traditional PET resins.
Eastman Chemical Co.; Kingsport, Tenn.

Coated casings
New coatings have been added to the Enhance line of coated casings. SmokeKote 2, Smokekote3, Smokekote Mesquite, Roastkote and Roastkote Turkey offer new flavor and color choices to the already popular line. These are impermeable casings that reduce the risk of contamination, purge, breaks, nicks and flaking – all while providing better looks, flavor and aroma. Applications include poultry, ham and roast beef in round, rectangular or D-shapes.
Vector Packaging; Oak Brook, Ill.

HDPE bottles
A new stock bottle is available for products ranging from tea to sauces. accepting standard or hot-fill, concentrates or ready-to-use products. The 16-oz. bottle can be manufactured in any color and, while it is frequently molded with high-density polyethylene, it can also be created with post-consumer resin.  It comes with a standard 38-400 neck finish and will accept any closure, including a pump dispenser.
TricorBraun; St. Louis

Renewable shrink labels
Shrink labels made from polylactic acid (PLA) offer a renewable and economically stable plant-based technology that replaces traditional petroleum-based shrink labels. Brand managers, marketers, packagers and retailers select these bio-based shrink labels and tamper-evident bands as a natural choice to reinforce the “purity” “natural” and “close to nature” commitment and positioning of natural products and brands. In addition to their compostability, PLA labels and T-E bands present an attractive lower-cost benefit.
Gilbreth; Croydon, Pa.

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