April 2008 Equipment Round Up: Cutting And Size Reduction

April 11, 2008
April equipment round-up features slicers and dicers, software, pneumatic scissors and more.

It slices, it dices…
The high-performance DiversaCut Sprint Dicer is compact, accepts a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, and meats and is able to easily switch from one type of cut to another. Maximum product input size is 6.5 in. in any dimension. It produces a myriad of flat or crinkle slices, strip cuts and dices up to 1 in. Switching from one type of cut to another is simplified through a changeover advantage: processors benefit from the combination of the built-in circular knife support assembly, a compact cutting zone, the manageable weight of the crosscut spindle and a cost-saving, insert slicing knife.
Urschel Laboratories; Valparaiso, Ind.

Software for waterjet
Q-Link software platform for DSI waterjet portioners and D-Scan inspection systems improves productivity with one-touch production changeover and convenient new calibration and start-up routines. A touchscreen interface offers color-coded expanding submenus for easy navigation of advanced portioning applications. The software is compatible with current cameras, servomotors and jet blockers, and expanded capacity enables food processors to take full advantage of higher-resolution scanned images. Includes convenient visual setup and diagnostic aids
FMC Foodtech; Chicago

Mills fibrous materials
Hammer Mill model 141 reduces fryable and fibrous agricultural materials into uniform particle sizes ranging from 20 to 300 mesh. Centrifugal force causes pivoting hammers to stand at 90° to the rotating shaft, throwing material against breaker plate ridges in the feed section, and then against perforated bed screens through which sized material exits. Useful for processing grain and other materials, the mill is dust and water-tight. The unit is configured with a hinged top section and gasketed, single-latch door providing rapid access for cleaning and maintenance.
Munson Machinery Co.; Utica, N.Y.

Solids reduction and pumping
The Chopper Hopper is a unique and aggressive solids reduction and pumping system that reduces whole produce – papayas, pineapples, pumpkins, corn or any other fruits or vegetables – into an easy to handle puree or mash. It maximizes processing, requires minimal maintenance and reduces overall cost of ownership. It also provides fast, simple and effective handling of waste by-products. Up to three stages of solids reduction are available for coarse, medium and fine particle size.
Moyno Inc.; Springfield, Ohio

Pneumatic scissors
AirShirz pneumatic scissors quickly separate chubs and clip around metal clips. Their air-powered design enables operators to make short order in cutting around metal clips while avoiding the hand stress associated with using manual scissors. The result is a cleaner cut along with improved productivity and lower exposure to repetitive motion injuries.
Bettcher Industries Inc.; Vermilion, Ohio

Precision size reduction
Thin, leafy materials can be cut or ground to precise sizes with minimal off-spec material. The Fractionizer achieves a new standard in uniformity by a combination of teeth and interlocking grooves to cut material to a very uniform size with minimal unwanted “fines.” Unlike traditional knife cutting machines, it eliminates product attrition, resulting in consistent, uniform product size results.
Modern Process Equipment; Chicago

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