Equipment Round-Up March 2008: Packaging Equipment

March 7, 2008
March's equipment round up features products from Cryovac, A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp, Tetra Pak, and other packaging companies.

Servo-driven packer

This case packer uses dynamic servo operation to ensure precision and accuracy at speeds to 30 cases per minute. PLC operation provides integral synchronization of all moving parts and smooth, harmonious performance. This machine runs a variety of cartons and semirigid containers and offers motorized size adjustments to ensure repeatable accuracy and eliminate tweaking that often slows case packer changeover. In cases where change parts are required, downtime is reduced by the use of locking handles to secure parts, for a quick no-tools changeover.

A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp.; Tarpon Springs, Fla.

Machines for the films

Along with packaging film, the vendor offers packaging systems. Within the Cryovac Vertical Pouch Packaging System (VPPS) line is the Onpack Model 2052, a high-speed system with multiple lanes so that four packages can be filled at once. Package options include easy-open tear notches and custom spout designs. It’s designed to handle a range of pumpable products, including those with particulates up to approximately ¼-in. under hot or cold fill conditions. Packaging speeds reach 240 PPM for four-up configuration using standard end seal technology.

Cryovac div., Sealed Air; Duncan, S.C.

Fill the retortable carton

Tetra Recart is the world’s first retortable carton. Two machines can run this package. TheTetra Pak R1 can run up to 24,000 packages/hour depending on the filled product with smooth operation in one flow throughout the line. Multispeed operation allows you to easily ramp up to meet your seasonal peaks with the ability to run multiple products and multiple package sizes. The Tetra Pak R2 line with production of up to 6,000 packages/hour is designed for integrated filling to combine product flexibility with minimum space requirements. Modular equipment design and a range of automation levels provide a modern and flexible production line.

Tetra Pak; Vernon Hills, Ill.

Green packaging system

The machine manufacturer partnered with ITW Hi-Cone and CCL Auto-Sleeve to produce the BrandPak Multipack system, an integrated system for an environmentally friendly alternative to paperboard containers for multipacking applications. BrandPak polyethylene film is moisture-resistant and is not degraded by exposure to moisture or ice water.  PDC’s Model STA Stretch Sleeve Applicator can create 40 six-pack cartons (of beer, for example) per minute or more than 400 units per minute of an energy drink. Patented technology controls the flow of sleeving material, producing exceptional consistency over long production runs. There is no adhesive or heat applied. Systems will accommodate thin gauge material and a broad range of product shapes.

PDC Intl.; Austin, Texas

Self-cleaning thermoformer

The R 535 is a new generation of horizontal form-fill-seal machine with a self-cleaning clean-in-place (CIP) system. The clean cycle can be started at the push of a button, even one in a central control system. Internal component groups are cleaned automatically by an extensive system of jets and pipes. Exterior cleaning is executed manually with an attached spray gun, and is also integrated into the CIP procedure for process control. The result is a standardized, logged process that ensures adherence to predetermined cleaning cycles and dosages/mixtures of sanitizing chemicals.

Multivac, Inc.; Kansas City, Mo.

Multi-layer co-extruder

The Alpine brand co-extruder is a blown film extrusion system for creating multilayer films. Many new capabilities allow customers increased capacity, higher quality bags and shorter lead times. It produces rolls that are 40 percent larger than standard rolls and exercises precise control over film thickness and custom blends. A high accuracy laser scanner that monitors film thickness provides top quality control.

Automated Packaging Systems; Streetsboro, Ohio

Twin turbo trains

The LJ DRT Toploader offers the possibility to achieve faster loading speeds than its earlier cousin-machine, the LJ SRT. The DRT operates with two turbo trains – one being loaded with wrapped product, the second being unloaded by the robot. This compares with the SRT that has one turbo train for both loading and unloading. By separating the loading and unloading operations, the entire system can operates at faster outputs.

Bradman Lake Group; Charlotte, N.C.
704 588 3301;

Distributes to wrappers

Bar distribution system automatically distributes products to a series of individual wrapping machines. The system includes row management conveyors designed with toolless belt removal for ease of cleanup and maintenance and gentle handling of products such as granola bars, nutrition bars, soft cakes, etc. Lift, staging and transfer conveyors distribute rows of product to each module of the system. Each wrapper module can include product turning, automatic feeders and flow wrappers capable of speeds to 600 ppm.

Campbell Wrapper Corp.; DePere, Wis

Wrapped-in-store look

The AtmoPack claims to be the world’s only modified atmosphere stretch wrap packaging solution, offering a unique innovation in MAP packaging for fresh perishable foods. For the past few years, top retail meat executives, national/local meat packers and equipment/material suppliers have faced a number of case-ready format questions concerning appearance, shelf life, equipment costs, etc. With its advanced technology, this product permits packers to achieve the consumer-preferred appearance of fresh in-store wrapped foods while eliminating leaks and extending shelf life.

Exact Equipment; Langhorne Pa.

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