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Food Biz Kids: Nestle Butterfinger Stixx

Nov. 19, 2007
Our panel of eighth-graders say Nestle's Butterfinger Stixx are 'like a regular Butterfinger, only lighter.'

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Nestle Butterfinger Stixx; Nestle USA; Glendale, Calif.

Claire McDonald, 8th grade:
These Butterfinger Stixx taste like regular Butterfingers, but they are less compressed and dense than the candy bars. I like them better than the candy bars because they taste more like wafers, and they are more airy. Also, Butterfinger Stixx look better than the candy bars because they are circular. Overall, Stixx are much better than regular Butterfingers.

Dante Huff, 8th grade:
I like the taste; it is even sweeter than Butterfinger bars. It is very crunchy and smooth. I also like the smell of it, because it is really chocolaty. I would eat one of these if I was rushing to go somewhere.

Julianne Locher, 8th grade:
The packaging for Butterfinger Stixx is very nice and convenient. It is nice that each one is packaged separately. The Butterfinger Stixx have a rich taste, but the stick itself isn't very dense. It is kind of hollow on the inside. I don't think the world needs this product because regular Butterfingers are better.

Merle Jahn, 8th grade:
Butterfinger Stixx are too crunchy. They have a peanut butter taste. The packaging is too yellow, and that makes it ugly. The smell makes me gag. They need to have less chocolate flavor; then they will taste better.

Becky Bernstein, 8th grade:
I think the packaging of Butterfinger Stixx is good and makes the product look good. This product is very good. I think the world does need this product because it is most likely healthier than regular Butterfingers because there would be less of the product (eaten).

Nathan Port, 8th grade:
I would definitely choose a Butterfinger Stixx over a real Butterfinger because the Stixx are lighter, less dense and you can actually finish one without having a sugar high. The packaging is appealing. Overall, this is a good product.

Claire Winter, 8th grade:
The packaging is good for when you are on the run. I think they taste like a chocolate wafer, not so much like Butterfinger. The smell is the same chocolate. Many people love Butterfinger, so I thing it will be a successful product.

Trevor Santoro, 8th grade:
The gold packaging is very attractive. I love Butterfinger, so I love Butterfinger Stixx too. A regular Butterfinger is better though. I think this product will do well, but it won't be a popular selection.

Sarah Maloney-Franke, 8th grade:
The packaging looks very appealing. The candy tastes great, and the texture is amazing. It tastes just like a regular Butterfinger, only lighter. I would definitely buy this product. It has the same great taste as a Butterfinger, only it's healthier.

Kira Heckathorne, 8th grade:
The packaging is OK. It is a little boring, but it is shiny, which makes it eye-catching. It tastes really good, and it is healthier. It also is less filling, which makes it better. The texture is good – crunchy – and the chocolate is creamy. The smell is just like it tastes, which is good. I think they should replace normal Butterfingers, because the Stixx are healthier.

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