November 2007 Equipment Round-Up - Instrumentation and Process Control

Nov. 19, 2007
November's equipment round-up features instrumentation and process control equipment, including coriolis solutions, industrial computers and microprocessor-based controllers truck.

Coriolis for measurement

Proline Promass S is a the new hygienic Coriolis solution for the food and beverage industry. It provides multivariable measurement, reducing your metering point costs while providing a highly optimized signal for mass flow, volume flow, density and temperature or even calculating temperature dependent density variables of concentration (e.g. °Brix, °Plato, etc.). It has advanced diagnostics as well as on-board batching software.

Endress + Hauser; Greenwood, Ind.

Cool without a fan

The Allen-Bradley VersaView 200R industrial computer has a 50°C rating and maximizes reliability with a new fanless design. It's designed for applications that require low power consumption, ruggedness, small size and expandability - including some food applications. The nondisplay, heavy industrial computer can run visual interface, maintenance and control applications. Combining it with a VersaView industrial monitor creates an integrated, compact way to view drawings, modify ladder logic and review manuals.

Rockwell Automation; Milwaukee

Monitor vibration

CSI 9420 Machinery Health Transmitter is a wireless vibration transmitter that monitors mechanical equipment to deliver predictive diagnostics for improved reliability and plant safety. The rugged device connects quickly, easily and economically to any machine and delivers vibration information over a wireless self-organizing network. Customers can cost-effectively apply it on pumps, motors, fans, compressors, pulverizers and more. The benefits of this product go beyond equipment reliability to include health, safety and environmental applications.

Emerson Process Management; Austin, Texas

Measuring pH, temp, NaCl

The basic PP-15 meter measures pH and mV, ORP (redox) and temperature while the PP-20 model uses a dual-channel to include simultaneous measurement of conductivity, salinity, NaCl content or total dissolved solids. With menu-driven user interfaces and interactive online help, each meter is easily controlled and delivers a high degree of accuracy. Flexible parameters allow each meter to adapt to even unusual measuring conditions or samples for increased repeatability of individual measurements.

Sartorius Mechatronics; Edgewood, N.Y.

For humid environments

Featuring a stainless steel diaphragm and fully welded construction that eliminates the need for an O-ring seal, PT 510 pressure transmitters prove more effective in humid environments with chilled media than conventional O-ring sealed sensors. This makes them suitable for food, beverage and other challenging applications. They are available with a measurement range up to 500 psi and an accuracy rating of 0.5 percent of the full-scale reading.

Turck Inc.; Plymouth, Minn.

Upgraded control system

Version 7 of the Simatic PCS 7 Process Automation System gives plant operators new ways to minimize total cost of ownership, protect automation assets, increase plant availability, minimize downtime, optimize process performance, and modernize existing installed systems. Like previous versions, the upgrade offers a platform that integrates new and existing automation systems and devices within a single platform. The new upgrade eliminates the limitations of common control systems with a single platform that can start small and be expanded with future growth.

Siemens Energy and Automation; Alpharetta, Ga.

New controller

Easy-to-use 1/16 DIN standard microprocessor-based controller is available for this company's complete line of circulating water and heat transfer fluid temperature control systems and portable chillers. It provides accurate and reliable process control and offers the end user more advanced features. The controller has a dual LCD display, which indicates the set point and actual fluid temperature, and advanced PID overshoot protection with self-tuning capability.

Mokon; Buffalo, N.Y.

Wash-down PC

The completely sealed S-series touch PCs thrive in the harshest wash-down environments. These all-in-one monitor and computer systems in stainless steel enclosures are suited for wash-down in dirty/dusty industrial environments. The base configuration is equipped with a color LCD screen, up to 15-in. resistive touchscreen and a Pentium 1.4 GHz processor. In addition, a built-in microprocessor acts as a housekeeping system to protect the PC from damage when "out of limit" conditions occur.

Noax Technologies Corp.; Sarasota, Fla.

Open-mesh conveyor belt

CompactGrid is a USDA-accepted metal conveyor belt engineered specifically to handle smaller, delicate products, while giving plants an open-mesh belt design. A rugged yet lightweight framework offers maximum strength under significant loads, lessening time spent on maintenance and reducing the number of belt replacements over time. Installation on any conveying system is quick and easy - just join or splice the belt on your conveyor by hooking the belt ends together and crimping to close.

Wire Belt Co.; Londonderry, N.H.

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