Wellness Foods New Ingredient Profiles: October/November 2007

Oct. 8, 2007
October/Novembers's nutraceutical ingredient profiles include a monosaccharide sugar, a microencapsulated caffeine, antioxidant green tea extracts and a liquid antioxidant.


Lipogen Ltd. launches the latest delivery system for its Lipogen PS phosphatidylserine functional ingredient (affirmed GRAS). PS is essential for brain development and normal nerve function. It is a natural phospholipid found in the membrane of the cells in the brain. It is considered as an important building block of the brain cells membranes and has been shown to have a role in slowing or even reversing some forms of age-related cognitive deteriorations, such as short-term memory and the capacity to learn new tasks.

The new system is designed for fortification of dairy milks and yogurt drinks. The company also offers advanced Lipogen PS milk powder, a phosphatidylserine formulation that can be easily applied in dairy premixes, blending or other milk processing, and does not affect end-product taste, texture or mouthfeel. Lipogen developed its PS line of milk applications to utilize standard dairy production equipment and procedures.

Given the recent positive press for dairy beverages after work-outs and similar physical activity, adding critically needed nutraceuticals seems like a logical way to go. Absorption studies of PS are still ongoing, but processors should bear in mind how these compounds might  interact with the other components in various milk systems, thus affecting stability and shelf-life.

Lipogen Ltd.; Haifa, Israel
011-972-544-522-355; www.lipogen.co.il

— Joe Regenstein, Ph.D., is a meat and dairy expert and professor of food science at Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.


The Sugar in Your Coffee

FutureCeuticals releases GlycoBerry 8 N417, a new product designed to provide standardized, scientifically-validated levels of eight monosaccharides: fucose, xylose, galactose, glucose, N-acetylneuraminic acid (sialic acid), N-acetylgalactosamine and N-acetylglucosamine. GlycoBerry 8 is comprised of Futureceuticals CoffeeBerry, which contains high levels of monosaccharides, in combination with other functional ingredients.

These monosaccharides have been studied for their ability to contribute to: supporting healthy immune system response, promoting cellular communication, supporting healthy glucose metabolism, promoting healthy inflammation response and supporting healthy joints. These sugars combine in the body with protein and fat to form glyconutrients, which are crucial for cellular communication, including that of immune cells. Glyconutrients cannot form in the absence of these eight monosaccharides.

VDF Futureceuticals Inc.; Momence, Ill.


Maxx Performance Inc. launches its microencapsulated caffeine, a caffeine platform that can be added to food and beverage products without altering either their taste or texture. Caffeine, a key component in many energy products, is normally extremely bitter. Without flavor masking, it can’t be added to most foods or beverages. With Maxx Performance’s microencapsulated caffeine, small particles of the compound are coated with a thin, tasteless, edible film. The microencapsulated caffeine can be easily added to formulations without altering end flavor or texture. The technology also preserves the caffeine throughout the manufacturing process, so end products contain only the desired amount of caffeine. Applications include, but are not limited to baked goods, dry mixes, nutrition bars, confections and energy drinks.

Maxx Performance Inc.; Chester, N.Y.

Tea, Too

Danisco USA presents its Guardian line of natural antioxidant Green Tea Extracts. When added to food products, Guardian Green Tea Extracts have a complementary flavor that enhances other natural flavors of foods. The extracts are a natural, healthy alternative to synthetic antioxidants like BHA and BHT. The antioxidant properties of green tea are particularly effective for products highly susceptible to oxidation, including low-fat, trans fat-free products and foods with high polyunsaturated fat content. Key applications include dressings, soups, sauces, meat, poultry and seafood products. Guardian Green Tea Extracts are label-friendly compared to synthetic antioxidants and cost-effective. The extracts may be listed as natural flavor on labels.

Danisco USA Inc.; New Century, Kan.

Help Omega Help You

Kemin Food Ingredients Inc. has developed a new product line to protect applications from oxidative degradation. Fortium RPT40 liquid antioxidant was developed for use in hard to stabilize matrices, such as fish oil and other applications containing omega-3s. The antioxidant blend is based on a combination of rosemary extract, tocopherols and ascorbyl palmitate and can delay oxidation in marine oils. It has proven effective at extending the shelf life of omega-3 applications. Fortium RPT40 enables food companies to protect their investment in omega-3 enriched products. Fortium brand MT50 IP liquid antioxidant is an identity-preserved, tocopherol based formula that can be used in 95 percent (or lower) organic applications. This formula provides an excellent, natural solution for extending the shelf life of a variety of applications, such as: oils, cereals, dressings, spices, etc. Different concentrations and dry versions are also available. In addition, Kemin technical experts will work with customers to develop custom formulations as needed.

Kemin Food Ingredients Inc.; Des Moines, Iowa

EYE ON: Thinning Fat

Pinnothin, by Wormerveer, Netherlands-based Loders Croklaan Group’s Lipid Nutrition division, was recently approved for use in food and beverage applications. Claimed as an effective appetite suppressant, it is derived from the nuts of the Korean pine (Pinus koraiensis), and especially rich in very-long-chain fatty acids, such as pinolenic acid. Pinolenic acid is an omega-6 fatty acid. Korean pine nuts contain about 40 times more pinolenic acid than the more common Italian stone pine nuts. Pinnothin is said to stimulate release of the hunger-suppressing hormone CCK (cholecystokinin) and GLP1 (glucagon like peptide), which not only help the body digest fats but are believed to send a "full" feeling to the brain and decreasing desire to eat. In a randomized, double-blind study Pinnothin was shown to significantly increase the release of CCK and GLP1. Its beneficial effects have been demonstrated at a dosage of 3g. Although not in wide usage yet, the oil could be of significant benefit for formulators developing products that target the hot-button issues of obesity and weight management.

Lipid Nutrition B.V./Loders Croklaan; Channahon, Ill.

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