Food Biz Kids: Kettle Bakes Pretzel Chips

Oct. 4, 2007
Our panel of eighth-graders like that Pretzel Chips 'don’t have any fat.'

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Jack Grant, 8th grade:
Baked Pretzel Chips are very good. The packaging is plain, needs more color and bigger writing. When I opened the package, the smell of dijon mustard filled my nose. The Baked Pretzels are very crunchy, which is straight up awesome. This product would attract anyone with good taste.

Kettle Bakes Honey Dijon Pretzel Chips, Kettle Foods Inc.; Salem, Ore.

Jessica Shatkin, 8th grade:
Baked Pretzel Chips are a good snack for anyone. Theyre healthy, so its OK to eat them and still feel good about yourself. Anyone who likes a crunchy snack will enjoy these. The honey dijon flavor is addictive and a perfect candidate for “finger lickin” food. Baked Pretzel Chips are a heart breaker.

Tyrone Spears, 8th grade:
These Pretzel Chips taste like honey with a mixture of mustard. They also have a salty taste to them. This is a product I would buy if I saw them in the store. They also have a hint of pretzel taste to them. And theres a sweet hint to them, which sticks out. They look like chips but have the taste of a pretzel with salt and honey mustard. I like this product and would definitely buy it.

Sage Siler, 8th grade:
The bag looks pretty good; it looks country. The chips are really tasty. They are salty and also kind of sweet. The aftertaste is good and salty. They do taste a lot like pretzels, and I love pretzels, so I would buy them. I also like that they dont have any fat.

Corie Brissette, 8th grade:
They have a blast of flavor that draws you in. Theyre great tasting. They look great and I like them because they are new to me. I havent tasted them before, and I think they taste like chicken.

Brianne Brownlee, 8th grade:
The color of the Pretzel Chips is funny brown and yellow (powdery) and makes you want to taste them. The texture is bumpy. When you first eat them, they are sweet, then bready. People who like saltiness and sweetness would enjoy this delicious, healthy snack.

Joshua Saunders, 8th grade:
The taste is great, but they could have way more flavor. The packaging is great and the product is shown perfectly. The need for this product is very high because the taste of the flavors and chips blend in very well. This product is a four out of five; just needs more flavor.

Andrea Reynolds, 8th grade:
Baked Pretzel Chips are so great; they give you a sunny feeling as soon as you bite into them. They have a sweet lemon taste and honey mustard ting. This product would make a great on-the-go snack.

Jessie Powell, 8th grade:
The packaging is easy to open and creative. They taste like mustard pretzels with a chip combination. This product is healthy, so its a good afternoon snack or for when you are on the go. They are very good tasting, easy to eat and not too messy either. Its a great snack.

Aidan Kelly Lowenstein, 8th grade:
The package is good sized, but a little hard to open. They have a great crunchy texture and are easy to eat. They taste just like mini pretzels, but I like the chip shape more. This is a great product. I dont think it needs anything except maybe a bigger size bag.

Emma Auburn, 8th grade:
Kettle Bakes Honey Dijon Pretzel Chips are very good, but the packaging is very plain. The food itself looks good. It does not have a smell. They taste like mustard and a bit of sugar mixed in, but the powder gets on your fingers. I think this food is good and is useful.

Dontrell Knighton, 8th grade:
These Pretzel Chips are really good. They taste just like pretzels and real honey. The packaging isnt that appealing, but the food is good. I dont think people need them, but they are delicious.

Simone Dec, 8th grade:
The packaging is a brown bag with the name of the product. I would buy it because it is healthy for you. It tastes like honey and mustard mixed together on a pretzel chip. I think people should buy this product because its good.

Matthew Foster, 8th grade:
The packaging is kind of boring, but the chips taste good. The pretzel flavor is a little too strong; it needs more sweet. This kind of product is good for Whole Foods.

Amber Cooley, 8th grade:
These pretzels are shaped like potato chips; they are thick and crunchy. You can taste all kinds of different flavors on these chips. I would recommend them to anybody because they are made for anyone to eat. I really enjoyed them.