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August 2007 Equipment Round-Up - Packaging Materials

Aug. 20, 2007
August's equipment round-up features packaging materials, including a vacuum barrier shrink bag, colored aluminum cans, polymer additives, and clear aseptic packaging.

Improved shrink bag

An improved Cryovac B2000 series vacuum barrier shrink bag is available for smoked and processed meats, fresh meats, poultry and dairy. It delivers a tougher, tighter package without sacrificing clarity. Combining superior shrink and toughness without compromising oxygen-barrier properties, the B2000 bag is suitable for use with a variety of non-abrasive applications such as boneless roast, ham and cheese. Enhanced toughness delivers better performance without the threat of material punctures under normal handling through distribution. It's available in sizes and formats from 3½-24 in. width and 6-24 in. length.

Sealed Air/Cryovac Food Packaging; Duncan, S.C.
800-845-3456; visit

Clearly aseptic

Out in the market more than a year now, the Tetra Wedge Aseptic Clear was the world's first high-barrier, clear aseptic package. It's suitable for both low- and high-acid applications, making pouch-style, shelf-stable packaging a new possibility for dairy and soy beverages. The size (6.75 oz.) and shape of the package is ideal for kids' beverages. The pouch is ergonomically designed with smooth sides and no sharp edges.

Tetra Pak; Vernon Hills, Ill.

Colorful aluminum cans

Colored aluminum cans provides a new way to grab consumer attention. Two-piece, aluminum draw redraw (DRD) cans now can be manufactured in a wide variety of translucent colors for maximum shelf appeal and differentiation. The capability can be extended to can ends and tabs, providing a platform for a multi-colored marketing statement.

Silgan Containers Inc.; Woodland Hills, Calif.

Efficient packaging for foodservice

Nu-Twist beverage package offers pull-tab opening and straw insertion for easy consumption of 4 oz. of liquid The fun-shaped package helps drive juice consumption through enjoyment and ensures portion control for a healthy lifestyle. Also, the M-Pak Plus is designed to contain liquids and provide barrier properties for sauces and condiments, salad dressings, and oil-based products. The M-Pak Plus is available in 1/3-oz. to 4-oz. sizes providing convenient portions.

Milliken Packaging; Spartanburg, S.C.

New strength for PLA

The Biomax Strong family of polymer additives is now FDA compliant grade for food contact applications. These polymer additives improve the performance of bio-based polylactic acid (PLA) packaging. Considered a sustainable alternative to petrochemical-derived products, PLA is derived from renewable agricultural products. The additive toughens PLA packaging materials while maintaining compliance with food contact requirements in the U.S. and in Europe.

DuPont Packaging and Polymers; Wilmington, Del.

New way to bag-in-box

Designed to run on current rigid filling equipment, the Jerribox is a functional alternative to rigid containers. By using flexible packaging, customers save on supply chain cost, enhance performance and benefit from source reduction. Standard Jerribox sizes range from 10-20 liters; non-standard sizes can be custom-made for almost any liquid, semi-liquid or powder products, in various markets including chemicals, food products and beverages.

Scholle Corp.; Irvine, Calif.

Custom shake

Pop 'N Shake is a patent-pending closure technology that allows consumers to create their own "blended" drinks on demand. Ingredients dispense with the turn of a tamper-evident dust cover and subsequent "pop" of an inner-cap chamber, allowing consumers to watch a favorite flavor, vitamin or mineral fuse with their preferred bottled drink. A few shakes and moments later they enjoy a great tasting beverage fortified with healthy, active ingredients. To provide a turnkey solution, the company recently completed a fill, seal and assembly production line in a food-grade processing/filling white room. See a video at www.erieplastics.com/popnshake.

Erie Plastics; Erie, Pa.

Transparent except to moisture

Compos-a-vac 40 is a 3.2-mil film laminate that combines transparency with a low moisture vapor transmission rate. It's manufactured in clean rooms for high sterility and numerous applications. It also boasts high puncture- and tear-resistance, a good outer layer display of graphics and easy conformation to the contours of its vacuum-packaged contents.

ITW Richmond Technology; Houston

Casings top to bottom

Plastic casings for meat, poultry and dairy applications ensure predictable yields and offer superior diameter control. A unique barrier film structure improves quality and freshness while extending shelf-life. They are available in various cling levels for smooth peel of all products for slicing. They also come in a variety of colors and tints and are sold in printed or unprinted form in shirred, clipped or heat-sealed bags.

Vector Packaging; Oak Brook, Ill.

Tough enough bag

A new cooking bag with handles is durable from the processing floor all the way to the retail meat case. The bag, which can be cooked in up to 230°F, is resistant to punctures from ribs and other meats with protruding bones. Provides easy lift and carry for consumers and easy handling for processors. The bag's printable surface offers high appeal for branding applications. Available in widths from 6-12 in., the bags can be cut to any length and are vacuumable.

Carroll Manufacturing and Sales; Avon, Ohio

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