July 2007 Equipment Roundup - Motors and Drives

July 17, 2007
July's equipment round-up features motor and drive equipment, including a adjustable speed drives, soft-start motors, motors equipped with internal coders, and aseptic servo modules.

Washdown adjustable speed drives

A new line of washdown adjustable speed drives has been added to H2 family of energy-saving industrial electric motors, drives and generators. Available in open-loop, encoderless and closed-loop vector and servo configurations, the drives include an easy-to-use keypad in the new washdown H2 cover, making programming exactly the same as the standard H2 drives. Optional Ethernet server board allows point and click setup and off-site monitoring.

Baldor Electric; Fort Smith, Ark.

Drive withstands washdowns

The X4 family of drives has tough NEMA 4X/IP66 packaging, which allows wash-downs up to 1,000 psi, but in a compact size. It's easy to program (English language WFC command set) including via a pocket PC and IR port; and easy to read with a large 16x2 chracter display. It's available in sizes up to 30 hp.

TB Wood's Inc.; Chambersburg, Pa.

Best of both worlds

Efficiency of simple induction motors is combined with the precision of servo motor technology in the new High-Power Kinetix (HPK-Series) motors. Ideal for material handling or web converting applications that require high power capacities, the newest addition to the Kinetix family of motion control gives OEMs and end users servo motor precision and performance at the power ranges and prices of induction motor technology.

Rockwell Automation; Bloomington, Minn.
800-223-5354 ext. 2001;

Mini soft starts

The Telemecanique Altistart 01 mini soft starts provide sophisticated starting and stopping control for motors in a small package. They are available in three performance levels to meet the application needs of a wide range of fractional- and low-horsepower single-phase and three-phase asynchronous motors, from 1/4 to 75 hp at 110-575V. Most mini soft start models are just 45mm wide, the standard width for IEC low-horsepower motor starters, and are up to 40 percent smaller than previous models.

Schneider Electric; Palatine, Ill.

Universal control

A truly universal control system is now available in the IndraLogic PLC platform, now with DeviceNet and EtherNet IP connectivity. Users can now choose their dominant field bus with minimal engineering changes. Uniform DeviceNet connectivity is available as a scanner in the line's motion and PLC controllers; the company's panel-mount Inline I/O and IP-67 Fieldline I/O systems; and in its IndraDrive servo and spindle drive platform.

Bosch Rexroth; Hoffman Estates, Ill.

See the laser video

See the new features and benefits of the Rotalign Ultra laser shaft alignment system with continuous sweep measurement mode, wireless Bluetooth communication to the sensor and a Soft Foot Wizard that not only measures your soft foot condition but analyzes it and suggests a solution. The video demonstrates the unique under- and over-constrained alignment centerline capabilities of the Ultra, as well as each of the add-on modules available for it.

Ludeca Inc.; Doral, Fla.

Equipped with encoders

The Incodermotors are a new selection of permanent magnet DC and brushless DC motors and gearmotors equipped with internal encoders. Encoders, which are used to measure speed and position, are common add-on components in motion control systems. The 4.5-12V magnetic encoders are available with one or two hall sensor output signals in resolutions of 2, 4, 8, and 30 pulses/revolution.

Bodine Electric; Chicago

Asynchronous control available

Asynchronous control is part of the new Model 940 PositionServo Drive. Its is a high-performing digital servo drive with a simple, yet robust motion controller, and now compatible with manufacturer's G-motion line of asynchronous gear motors. Customers therefore get the advantage of a single source for their closed-loop vector solutions. The Model 940 also allows customers to continue using asynchronous motors, and to drive them with a full-featured servo drive.

AC Technology/Lenze Group; Uxbridge, Mass.
508-278-9100 x320;

Aseptic servo module

The IP-67-rated PacDrive Aseptic SCL-055 is integral servo motor/drive for use in sterile environments. It features an aseptic, acid and leach-resistant stainless steel housing with an easy-to-clean, smooth surface designed to prevent contaminant, bacteria and germ formation. It's suitable for sensitive production areas in the manufacture, filling, capping and labeling of beverages, food, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

Elau; Schaumburg Ill.
847-490 4270;

Affordable inverter drives

With its price, flexibility and a power range of up to 25 hp, the SM2 Series Flux Vector Drive excels in environments where inverter technology was once considered too costly, including packaging machinery, food processing machinery, material handling/conveying systems and HVAC systems. Features include V/Hz, Enhanced V/Hz, Vector Speed, auto tuning, advanced low-speed control and dynamic speed regulation.

Leeson Electric Corp.; Grafton, Wis.

Fractional horsepowers

With power ranging from 1/80 to 1/4 hp (10 to 185 watts), a new line of induction motors are available in Permanent Split Capacitor, Split Phase, Three-Phase and Three-Phase Inverter Duty designs tailored for optimum performance in each OEM application. The new line is detailed in a six page capabilities brochure. These fractional horsepower motors are also available in Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated (TENV), Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled (TEFC), Open and with a variety of mountings, including NEMA 42 C-Face.

Bison Gear; St. Charles, Ill.

Predictive and preventive bearing maintenance

The SGR Conductive MicroFiber Shaft Grounding Ring provides predictive and preventive maintenance programs on VFD-controlled AC motors and large DC motors. It dramatically extends motor life, preventing bearing noise, downtime and costly motor repairs/replacements. The SGR's conductive microfibers work with virtually no friction or wear; are unaffected by dirt, grease, or other contaminants; and last for the life of the motor, regardless of RPM.

Aegis; Mechanic Falls, Maine

Low-speed hydraulic motor series

The WR series is a new family of low-speed high torque hydraulic motors featuring flow rates up to 61 lpm (16 gpm) continuous, torque to 66 Nm (5,800 lb-in) continuous, and pressures up to 172 bar (2,500 psi) continuous. Applications include agricultural augers and spreaders, industrial sweepers, conveyors, construction equipment, skid steer attachments and more. The motors feature seven precision rollers to eliminate sliding friction and improve motor efficiency. Twelve displacements are available.

White Drive Products; Hopkinsville, Ky.

Service duty motors offer VPI technology

New Stainless Steel Washdown Motors in the Barracuda line are available with ratings from fractional to 30 hp. The Barracuda exceeds the requirements for a washdown environment and relies on industry-proven features such as vacuum pressure-impregnated (VPI) windings to withstand electrical shorts and shielded. Sealed bearings stand up to punishing loads and drain holes located every 90 degrees counter condensation.

Elektrim Motors; Schaumburg, Ill.
508-653 8897;

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