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Food Biz Kids: Puft-n-Stuft Sandwiches

July 18, 2007
Our panel of eighth-graders think the easy-to-eat sloppy joes and pizza products are just a slice of snack heaven.

If you have a new product you want to test on our seventh- and eighth-grade panelists, contact Diane Toops at [email protected], or (630) 467-1300, ext. 321.

Editor's note: This is a school foodservice product, so the packaging is not meant for retail.

Dontrell Knighten, 8th grade:
I think the packaging is appealing; it's colorful and easy to recognize. It tastes just like sloppy joe and that tastes great! The bread and meat are very soft. It smells really good, too. I love the taste, so I would definitely need this for when I want a sandwich but don't want to make one. If these come out in stores, I would want my mom to buy a box.

Puft 'n Stuft Sloppy Joe, Pepperoni Pizza and Ham and Cheese varieties; Shepherd Foods, Spanish Fork, Utah

Amber Cooley, 8th grade:
The packaging is plastic and is easy to open; you don't have to struggle. The taste is delicious and it has a saucy taste. It is cheesy and savory inside. The bread is soft and not very crunchy, so it is easy to bite into and easy to swallow. It smells like pepperoni pizza and spaghetti sauce. I don't think they need any changes because they are delicious.

Dante Huff, 8th grade:
I like the packaging on the sloppy joe because of the style. I also like the taste of the bread mixed with the sloppy joe (meat). The bread is very smooth and soft and smells fresh. Someone who is constantly leaving the house would like to eat this product.

Julianne Locher, 8th grade:
I think the overall product is good, but the picture on the package isn't very appetizing. The idea of being able to microwave it in the bag is good. I like the taste of the meat, but the bread isn't very good. I don't think the world needs these; they aren't very filling and are not healthy.

Joshua Saunders, 8th grade:
The packaging is good and easy use in the microwave. It could be improved with a square container. The taste is great, just like pizza. The texture is soggy and gooey. The smell is saucy and bread-like; it smells fresh. I think this product is needed because it tastes great, it's easy to make and has a pleasant smell.

Andrea Reynolds, 8th grade:
When I saw this food, I thought it was just another Hot Pocket. Once I got the Puft 'n Stuft taste in my mouth, it was like biting into a heaven full of pizza. It is like a pizza folded over. I love it.

Aidan Kelly Lowenstein, 8th grade:
The packaging of the product is good and easy to open, but it's a little dark and would look better with bright colors. The food smells and tastes great with a soft crust and a gooey texture. I really like these, and I'd buy them. I think I prefer the pepperoni to the sloppy joe.

Rachel Blechman, 8th grade:
The packaging is dark, but it makes the picture jump out and look more appealing. It smells just like a real sloppy joe sandwich. I think this could have been a little sweeter; the taste is sort of bland. The biscuit got a little soggy after it was in the microwave oven, but it didn't leak or anything. In all, I think this is a good product and is good for a quick snack.

Billy Prout, 8th grade:
I think the name is good; it sounds better than just Hot Pockets. The taste of the sloppy joe is good, and it only takes half the time. The texture of the dough is as soft as a baby's skin. The smell makes you salivate. I think the need for this is tremendous.

Claire McDonald, 8th grade:
I thought the Puft 'n Stuft Sloppy Joes were OK tasting. At first, they tasted kind of gross but then they got better. The picture makes it look very unappetizing, and so does the name. The product also seemed very unhealthy, but at least it has protein. All in all, I guess it is OK.

Kira Heckathorne, 8th grade:
First of all, I think the name Puft 'n Stuft is unappetizing for this product. Also, when you microwave them, the bread gets rubbery. The meat is a little gross at first, but after a few bites it is OK. I don't think they are needed. They aren't very good and aren't tasty. We don't need them.
Briana McCorkle, 8th grade:
It smells good and tastes like real sloppy joes. The packaging could be better and the texture could be smoother. I would use it just for a little snack, and although you don't need it, I like it.

Kellan Hanrahan, 8th grade:
The packaging is simple, just showing what the product is and the nutrition facts. It allows you to just throw the package in the microwave and eat. The pepperoni variety smells and tastes like real pizza. The texture is soft, with doughy bread. Puft 'n Stuft is definitely needed at home for a snack. After trying two flavors, pepperoni is definitely better than sloppy joe.

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