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Equipment Round-Up May 2007 - Conveyors

May 7, 2007
May's equipment round-up features conveyor equipment, including stainless steel, compact, light, certified, low-profile, reduced contamination, and jam-free conveyors.

Light and strong

Duralite belts for spiral cage systems are specially engineered for better strength, durability and cost-efficient operation. The heavy-duty, stainless steel belt design is stronger and lighter than conventional belts, according to the vendor, giving it greater load carrying capacity, enhanced operating performance, fewer breaks and mishaps (thus reducing downtime and service costs) and longer service life.

Cambridge Intl.; Cambridge, Md.

Reduced contamination

A growing trend in intralogistic systems is the positioning of drive components away from the actual conveyor zone to prevent leakages and other forms of contamination from the conveyed items. The 3800 Series powered roller addresses the market's increasing demand for this technology, which reduces the risk of contamination that may have adverse effects on the drive performance. It is a powered roller designed for use in conveyor systems that transport containers and boxes with individual weights of up to 300 lbs.

Interroll Corp.; Wilmington, N.C.

Compact and gentle

Ideal for fragile snacks, nuts, and frozen meat and poultry products, the new SwitchBack provides gentle handling and a compact accumulation buffer between processing and packaging lines. This design requires no photoeyes, product detection devices or gates, making it suitable for reliable operation in washdown environments. Gentle horizontal motion conveying and unique sloped pan configurations prevent product damage by eliminating abrupt drops and stops. Available for capacities of 30 or 45 cu. ft., it requires less floor space than comparable accumulation conveyors.

Heat and Control; Hayward, Calif.
800 227 5980;

Lift with buckets

Tailored to meet each customer's requirements, the Z-Bucket Conveyor uses a series of buckets from floor level to the top of any type of filler or packaging machine. Smooth plastic interlocking buckets are designed to prevent spillage and contamination of product and wash-through chains improve cleanliness and increase production rates. It easily integrates with any type of packaging machinery to create a fully automated packaging line.

WeighPack Systems Inc.; Montreal

Stainless for washdown

Built of rugged stainless steel and fully rated for product washdown, the new Stainless Steel Conveyor is designed to meet the needs of food, beverage and consumer goods manufacturers. Its corrosion-resistant construction allows wet cleaning after production runs, reduces wear and tear and extends conveyor component life over traditional non-stainless designs. It uses a modular plastic-belt conveying surface, eliminating the need for rollers and providing a continuous surface for product conveying. The belted surface also decreases the number of moving parts, simplifying maintenance, installation and start-up.

FKI Logistex; St. Louis

Certified for meat

The 7400 Ultimate series of conveyors has been approved by USDA for the handling of red meat and poultry. Company officials say they opened every component of the conveyor's design to inspectors, and made some design changes, so the conveyor is certified for sanitary operation. Widths vary from 6-60 inches wide and any length is available. The conveyors handle high-pressure washings with harsh sanitizing cleaners.

Dorner Manufacturing; Hartland, Wis.

Gentle gliding motion

The gentle motion of the Slipstick  horizontal-motion conveyor practically eliminates conveyor-imposed product damage. Unlike conventional vibratory conveyors that use a vertical pitching motion to propel material with repeated impacts, this conveyor features a completely horizontal, slow-forward, quick-return motion, which glides products down the pan. This eliminates breakage problems for fragile foods such as chips, cookies, or cereals. It also conveys deep product beds uniformly.

Triple/S Dynamics; Dallas

Low-profile frame

Featuring a safe and efficient 24 VDC motor placed inside a low-profile conveyor frame, Innerdrive Belt Conveyors offer significant space savings over traditional conveyor drive packages. This unique design can fit into tight spaces that standard conveyors cannot. The integrated motor makes them maintenance-free, eliminating the need to lubricate bearings or drive packages. They are available as horizontal and angled-frame conveyors, capable of changing elevations in a variety of configurations.

QC Industries; Cincinnati, Ohio

Convey around curves

A new accumulation conveyor features non-contact conveying around virtually any degree of curve. The PosiGrip Roller Curve Conveyor is suitable for the food and beverage industries when non-contact between products is crucial. It requires no lubrication, and there are no separate sprockets, gears or welded drive components making it cleaner and easier to maintain than comparable conveyors. Ideal for any work environment, the conveyor runs smoothly in both clean and tough, rugged conditions.

TKF Inc.; Cincinnati

Jam-free lanes

Engineered to handle a variety of bottles as well as non-round and unstable containers, the Bottle Laner was developed for balanced, jam-free packing lanes. It is designed to distribute bottles from a single-file line to multiple lanes and can also redistribute two lanes into three or more if required. It can be integrated with a case packer or remain free-standing. Featuring quick and easy changeover in a matter of minutes by utilizing a user-friendly touch screen, it is a robust and virtually maintenance-free machine.

Standard-Knapp; Portland, Conn.

Batching conveyor

The new Convey-N-Weigh batching conveyor incorporates a continuous pulse jet clean filter, live bin discharger for powder conditioning and a precision feeder with entire assembly mounted on load cells. By densifying solids with live bin, greater accuracy is achieved by introducing a powder with consistent bulk density to feeding chamber. A baffle prevents bridging of solids. This product combines improved versions of several technologies into a unique machine.

HAF Equipment Inc.; Centerville, Minn.

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